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Q-Ride Saturday.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Clayt0nB, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Going for my L's on Friday and have booked Q-ride for Saturday. If I fail the minuscule 5 questions for my L's I will kill something because then I can't do my already booked course on saturday.

    I have been practising a lot on a 500 doing an insane amount of slow riding and figure of 8's and slaloms and e-stops so I will hopefully pass.

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips or any more info of what is involved in the 5 hour day.

    Any help would be appreciated, cheers.
  2. So where have you been practicing, if you don't have your L's yet?

    And are you doing just the one day Q-ride to get your competency? It will be more than 5 hours, probably close to 7 hours.

    You have to be a complete numpty to fail, as it isn't a test as such but more competency based, so you get many chances to be deemed competent at any given task. The only way you fail is if you are really really bad and cannot ride at all, or if you have an accident on your road ride.
  3. Private property :)

    Well that is good to know, I should be fine I just am a little nervous and wanted someone to say something to make it seem easier.

    Thanks :)

    As for the 5 questions, is it pretty much the same 5 questions you get on the practise test, if so, too easy.
  4. When I did it, there was the main roads website that rotated the test questions. Four were from the website and one was just common sense.
  5. Ahh yeah that's all right, do you know if you can get any wrong? Don't think so since it is only 5.

    I'm probably stressing over nothing, only because I really have one shot at it.

    Do you remember the common sense question?
  6. Q-Ride is not a 'test' .. it is competency based so as long as you can demonstrate the skills more than once, you will be ok.

    Five questions?? what a joke :banghead:
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  7. Good to know :)

  8. Enjoy your day :) ... no matter who you do your course with they will be a wealth of info so lap it up :)
  9. Where have you booked it at? I am doing Q-Ride this weekend too!

    L's test was EEEZEEE
  10. Q-ride is a breeze. This is comming from some1 that couldn't even ride a bike. And after the 2 day course I'm flying around like its second nature. The 'hardest part' would be the figure 8s coz its a tight slow turn.... the rest isn't even worth mentioning

    I did mine 2 months ago with RideSmart and it was an excellent 2 days. My instructor, Elliot, was a former racer and now does stunt bikes for V8 supercars ... the man was a wealth of knowledge about what a bike can/can't do.

    Enjoy the day and remember to buy quality gear before you head out with the crazy's on QLD roads! :)
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  11. Qride is a breeze. Way too easy for mine.
    Look, listen and stay clam...breath. If you miss or don't understand something. Don't be afraid to ask! The only stupid question yada yada. But it's true. Also remember the instructor does this every day, all day, six days a week, it drives you farken insane................................
    So when someone asks a question you draw the neanderthal instructor out of his stupor and he pays a little more attention, and if it was you who asked the question he might just give that time to you.
    Oh and hiding at the back and staying real quite hoping to slide through.... Your the one I looked for. It doesn't work and you instantly get a "mm better watch that one close"
    Don't bullshit. We do this every day all day 6 days a week yada yada and we are trained quite well. We know exactly how well you can ride in less then five minutes. Don't make a fool of yourself with stories.
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  12. The L's test is nothing. They are the same questions (or they were when I did it) as the 'self-test' questions on the website. Not similar or very much alike, they are the *exact same questions*.

    Which is why the L's test in Queensland is very, very silly. Much prefer a stiffer L's test and then being able to ride on your L's without supervision.


    If you have been doing an 'insane amount of slow riding' that's exactly what you need to do for the QRide. I had to re-do it for my Opens earlier this year on the bigger bike, but it's the same as the P's test. You will be fine. On the road ride obey the road rules; you can be flunked for that. One bloke with us nudged the double lines and the instructor was quick to point that out. Mind, he was really, really, *really* bad and I still don't feel he should have been passed. He must have been *just* able to demonstrate the competencies.

    And listen to @bretto61 - he knows that of which he speaks.

  13. I'm doing it with Queensland Motorcycle School in Maroochydore.

    @Bretto, I usually am the guy quietly in the back :S. I'l be sure to try and stand out, a little bit at least.
  14. Hah, you guys are right, the 5 questions are ridiculous.

    Guess I'm on for tomorrow then, exited.
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  15. Woo. Went well, got my license.
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  16. Well done mate.
    Now you learn to ride lol. That's the irony of it. There's lots of help here. Good luck.
  17. Did you do your QRide today? Did you pass your Learners or do you have your REs now?
  18. well done (y)

    This is just a beginning :) the learning never stops :D
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  19. Passed my q ride and just have to go into qld transpprt to get a new license.
  20. Yay! Congrats. I passed today! :)
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