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Q-Ride recomendations?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by [JD], May 17, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    WifeFace and I are both thinking about doing the two day Q-Ride course that most training places seem to offer.

    I have zero experience and she has been riding a 50cc scooter for about a year.

    Was hoping to get some recommendations for Brisbane based places that offer a novice course.

    I have, of course, done an extensive amount of Googling on the subject, was hoping to get some feedback from people who had done Q-Ride recently as I'm thinking instructors etc could have changed.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hiya JD,

    I just did my course to get my little boys license (re) a few weeks ago.
    I used ridesmart, trainer - Warren, office - Marnie.
    Offer both north and south side courses, though i live on southside and due to numbers had to do the northside course -only boondall, no big deal.
    Training was great, despite being 5 in the class it definately had a one on one touch.
    I was on the course with an extremely fresh rider, compared to the rest of us who had some experience. Warren basically sent the beginner on a seperate circuit and had the rest of us doing certain exercises as not to hold or slow us up.
    The beginner was going to have to attend a few more times as she was too green to imagine in traffic.
    But well handled by ridesmart for coping with such different skill levels.
    The course gave some great tips which i apply to riding everyday and have helped to eliminate a few 'hair raising' situations.
    Just basically awareness etc, but very good.
    Warren the trainer is really laid back and friendly which dissolves your nerves almost straight away. That is not to be confused as him being a push over, he does watch you closer than you think! (i had a bad habit of braking with 2 fingers - he caught me out everytime! even when i wasnt close!)
    I strongly recommend ridesmart, well priced, no bulls*%t, good info.
    If you need anymore info just ask mate, i loved it, i had never really been on a 250cc prior to my lesson so thought it was xmas!
    happy riding
  3. Hey Rob,

    Thanks for the reply, that is the second recommendation I've gotten for Warren :)
  4. Hi JD , i went thru honda at rocklea.

    For both RE and R, and it was great both times.

    Can you ride a push bike? eg balance

    Can you drive a manual car? eg clutch control

    If yes then ya set, practise, riding slow on a push bike. while you book your self in .
  5. I went with Stay Upright, that was about 18 months ago now, but 6 months ago I went back to do my upgrade test, and I have also done a level 1 advanced with them.

    I found them pretty good, most of the guys there have been with them for quite sometime, and they have been doing training as a company basically forever. Pricing was pretty reasonable too. And they aren't linked to any dealership, which I find an advantage. As they don't see any advantage in giving you your licence to sell you a bike...

    But in all honesty, they are all pretty resonable these days, they have a set criteria they need to meet, and the vast majority don't want to be responsible for your coming off as a result of their lack of training you properly. So they'll make sure you 'get it' before moving on. They are legally limited to groups of 5 per instructor, and its a fair number to manage.

    One on one is good, but if you've been riding a scooter for a while you should be ok.
  6. Spent most of my childhood attached to a push bike although it has been some years since I've ridden one, spent some time in my late teens riding longboards around so I think I will be ok for balance. Might be worth picking up a pushbike for a refresher!

    I have a manual car license BUT haven't driven manual since I got my license. WifeFace only has an auto license so our car is an auto. I only actually got my car license 2 and a bit years ago. Back home in the UK I lived in cities and needing a car never came up till I moved to Oz!

    edit: It is Wifey who has been riding a scooter, I wonder if I should have a go on that?
  7. Morgan and Wacker. I had a chat to the guy at boondall about doing my RE (i live in boondall) after doing my REA with morgan and wacker. Chose to go back to m&w to upgrade to my RE. I thought they had a better outfit. Cant recommend them enough. Staff there a really helpful and keen to see you learn all the right things.

    Morgan and Wacker are on both sides of the river. They also do advanced training at mt cotton.
  8. Team Moto at Springwood for me - I had zero experience when I went, so didn't mind paying a little extra for the unlimited repeat days at no extra cost (if you/they don't feel you're ready to progress to the next day). That may have changed since then though.

    Didn't use that option in the end - instructors were incredibly helpful with any questions I had, so felt really comfortable and confident. Have since done an advanced road course with them, and will do another on the Gixxer when time permits.
  9. Thanks all, appreciate the replies :)
  10. btw - WifeFace - LMAO :rofl:
  11. I went through Morgan and Wacker at Mitchelton for both my RE and R. Personally can highly recommend them.
  12. Hi JD,

    I rode a bike for the first time a couple months ago at HART out the back of the airport just to see if I would like riding. They seem to be a bit cheaper than most but I thought it was great! I got kinda lucky for a weekend where only two of us turned up. They have a nice dedicated facility if a bit small, I am guessing it would have been a bit crowded if everyone had turned up. Our instructor on the day was good too, quite experienced in driving instruction, friendly but didn't go too easy on us haha.

    I found being able to drive a manual car did nothing for me because its all mixed around on a bike. I found it really hard to get the hang of using a hand clutch, right up until half way through the second day I couldn't move off consistently without stalling. I just had to remember slowly slowly let it out and then I was fine :)

    At first I found it hard to believe that in only two days I could be riding on the roads and have my licence but both me and my classmate managed! And I am not particularly coordinated either. I hope it goes well, after that you are free to continue learning on your own bike which is when all the fun begins :D

  13. WifeFace did a few hours scooter training before buying her scooter at Morgan & Wacker and said they were good.

    I live pretty close to the airport (Ascot/Hamilton) and was initially thinking HART. Someone at work however said they had a bad experience with a shouty mean instructor!

    On my drive to and from work everyday now (to Kelvin Grove so Kingsford Smith Drive > IC8) I am trying to imagine the journey on a bike. The biggest threats seem to be taxi's and Fastaway courier vans!