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Q-ride on Tuesday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Shadow200, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Hey, finally going to do q-ride on tuesday. Didn't have lessons, just taught by my husband. Worried I'm not gonna pass. Any helpful ideas?

  2. I had never been on a bike when I did my Q-ride and I passed.
    It's not difficult to pass, unless you are a real danger to yourself !

    It's not like taking a test, if you don't do it first time you can keep trying until you get it.
  3. hi Shadow,
    good luck with it - are you going for your open licence?
  4. Can't really fail to pass Q-Ride, unless you pull out I guess. I crashed while doing the fun stuff and still got my license.
  5. Hi Shadow,

    You'll be fine the test is extremely easy - it's not so much a test as it is skills development. Probably the hardest thing you'll have to do all day is a figure 8, but the instructors don't expect you to know how to do one coming into the test - they just let you wobble around for a while until you start stringing a few clean ones together - then that's it, once they've seen that you can do it with a bit of practice, you're done. Same with all the other exercises. Heaps of practice/perfection, and as long as you can demonstrate ability after a reasonable time your OK.

    Ask my missus who did Q-Ride with me, your biggest enemy is your nerves - so don't let them rule you, or you'll be a sweaty mess - it's actually really fun! At the end you get to go for a nice scoot around some back roads (at legal speeds of course) which is a hoot and a good intro to how to do group rides.

    I've done an L's test in Vic and a Q-Ride in QLD, and the Q-Ride was not only far easier due to the way the test is conducted, but I learned far more and had heaps more fun with laid back and knowledgeable instructors who wanted to help us become better riders.

    Just keep it upright, relax, have fun, and you'll have a full licence Tuesday arvo!

  6. Hi Shadow :)


    Trust me all they want at Q ride is to see if you can do the bare min imo..

    If you have been learning from your husband and have been having time riding.. I am sure you will be fine

    Just relax and believe in yourself :)

    Make sure you post up as soon as you pass :)

    Best of luck

  7. Thanks,
    I have heard conflicting stories about q-ride - one where they train, one where they expect you to be able to do it all.
    Not too worried, been riding to work and back everyday - 40km round trip. And with all these old qld drivers I've had heaps of experience emergency braking, etc!!!
    Will let you know.
    Thinking about going for my open but worried the gs500e 89 model might be slightly heavier than my shadow - it's only 134kg. Still deciding. Probably like it better on my own bike and then when hubby gets his xvs i'll do it then.
  8. i found the q-ride in brissy impressive, i've had dirt bikes for 20years, never had a bike licence, my skills were ok but there was a lot of road craft to learn, i simply lapped up all the advice - passed on the day - have an open bike licence.

    a month ago i recieved a survey from qld transport re q-ride, they asked amonst other things how q-ride could be imporoved, i answered 'by making it compulsory for every car driver licence application".

    i reckon if every car driver rode a bike for a day we would all be happier and safer for it.

    safe riding to you all.
  9. exactly Bren, what a good idea :)

    Shadow don't worry, you'll pass no probs, just relax :D
  10. hi shadow, who are you going through?
    i went through toprider 3 weeks ago. had been on a dirt bike twice before i went. had great fun, found the gs500 easy to ride, good balance, braking and accellaration. good luck with it.
    you'll do fine.