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Q-Ride in Brisbane?? First time Rider :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by martz, May 5, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, first time reader, first time poster :)

    I've always wanted a motorbike, I can only imagine how awesome it is to be on a bike (sometimes I even have dreams being on a bike!). So I've finally decided to take the plunge and risk being a quadraplegic and get on one :)

    So anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations on any Q-ride places or any tips when looking for a q-ride place?? much appreciated..

    I'm residing in Metro Brisbane and I'm particularly interested in the 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

    Thanks for having me :)
  2. My bro and I did ours at Noyes
    117 Southpine Rd Brendale Qld 4500 3281 0900 it's near Ipswich.

    They were cheaper than most and road based training rather than enclosed circuits like some in Brisbane. I think that's important. It takes a little longer but gives you better real world skills and road craft practice.
  3. Pro Honda Rocklea.... Brilliant
  4. Do not take directions from this man :p (Brendale is right on the northern fringe of Brisbane and Ipswich is about 50 Km southwest of Brisbane)
  5. I went through RideSmart Motorcycle Training. I found Warren VERY helpful and encouraging. I'll be using him again when I go for my unrestricted licence.

    He has classes in both Northside (Boondal/Brisbane Entertainment Centre) and Southside (Kuraby I think). You can contact Ridesmart on 3711 9988 or email info@ridesmart.com.au or check out the website ridesmart.com.au

    Good luck
  6. I'm going to Morgan & Wacker in Brookside (Mitchelton) on the 25th May..

    Its gonna be my first time on a bike!!! So I reckon its good that I get some time to get used to a machine on the enclosed circuit BEFORE unleashing myself on the road!

    I'll let you know how it goes if you like!
  7. Pro Honda Rocklea ;) then Pro Kwaka for ur ninja :p
  8. another vote here for pro honda rocklea. nissus and i both got our licenses there. do a search on here for the 2008 250 ninja. been some good write ups for it.
  9. I'll vouch for Pro Honda too!

    Got my licence through them about a month or so ago, the course training was good, and then they take you out on the road for about an hour...
    I was pretty much a first rider, took me two days to get mine cause I had a slight incident out on the road the first day.

    And I've put down a deposit on a Ninja 250, and they've got a shipment coming in this week or next, and so long as the spare one is black its mine :), otherwise the dude said it'd be the end of the month.
  10. I can also vouch for Warren at Ridesmart. I had never ever been on a bike before and he was very patient and accommodating.
  11. +1 :grin:

    Did QRide with them last September, bought my GPX from Pro Kawasaki Ipswich.

    Great people to deal with, instructors are patient and easy to get along with.

    Good Luck.
  12. Another vote for ride smart. I did both my Re and open license through them and warren was very good. They're also alot cheaper than every where else.
  13. QRide etc ...

    I've had my open lic. for 2 yrs. No matter who you go with you have to be comfortable with the instructor, $$$ don't 'really' matter. If I may give you two things for consideraiton:

    1. Once you've acquired your licence do an Advanced Road Rider at Mt Cotton (give Team Moto a buzz). It's an all day event, extremely beneficial - I'm going to do another one shortly. They are really popular and get booked out quickly, $150 inc. lunch.

    2. Join PBF (Paraplegic Benefit Fund) single is about $30 p.a. Sadly, as riders we occasionally have mishaps (whether we are at fault or not) and sadly the result can be life-changing.

    I encourage all riders and their families to join PBF. Tony South OAM is the front man in Qld.

    Happy bike hunting (can't give any advice in that respect) and safe riding.

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  15. i know always one out there, would recomend a new bike for ur first bike, cause u will drop it and u will crash not a matter of IF a matter of When

    (except if u won the lotto or like went on deal or no deal or something then HEY go for it. I like the Black One :grin: )
  16. I've got a brand new bike. It's my first bike. I haven't even come CLOSE to dropping it.

    People need to get this 'you'll drop it' mentallity out of their heads. My husband has been riding for 8 years, and has NEVER DROPPED A BIKE. He does test rides on Saturdays for a local bike shop, so he rides everything but trail bikes, and hasn't dropped any of them either.

    Martz, if you can afford the new Ninja, and it suits you, and you can afford it, buy it!

    Hope your QRide went well, BTW :grin:
  17. I am currenly doing mine with Morgan and Wacker as well and they have been great, they have loads of courses going on the weekends and also during the week so you have plently of choice depending on when you work.
  18. Carol, I think a lot of that attitude comes from dirt biking, and if you ride them you will crash, road bikes not so much but it is good to be prepared just the same. :biker:
  19. I'm doing my QRide with TeamMoto over in Springwood. Reason being, i bought a bike there, and i'm putting QRide in with the finance. Heaps easier! Have my first lesson on Sunday. Woot!

    Teammoto are great. They've made this whole thing heaps easy. Bought a new bike, including accessories (jacket, helmet and gloves), full comp insurance with Suncorp, loan protection insurance, and QRide. Oh and did i mention I have a bad credit rating. Dude, they are the shiz niz.

    Good luck with QRide Martz! I bet you'll have a ball! I know i will! :))) :moped:
  20. proride at rocklea. was really good for me. i did the 2 day course (had never riden before). the instructors were great (karen and trent).