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Q-ride couse in Queensland - I have learnt heaps

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mashwoo, May 30, 2005.

  1. I did not get my bike licence but should have it by tomorrow lunch time. I am glad that they did not fudge the figures even though I am almost to the standard as I do not mind spending the extra money when I go back tommorrow as this way I know I will be a better rider.

    Some of the mistakes I made and improved upon

    1. Not using the Front brake enough during emergency stopping which actually caused my back wheel to skid out in the last meter of the stop, as the wheel skidded out I accidently hit the throttle and me to take a very low speed drop. I am fine and the instructors where very cool about it.

    2. Stalling upon take off. Give it plenty more throttle and just ease the clutch out is what they kept telling me. I understood the theory of this very well but took a while to put it into practise.

    3. Observation. Observation. Observation.

    4. Approaching intersections at too high a speed giving less time for smooth braking and gear down and more importantly less time to check the intersection.

    5. Road Positioning. I kept taking my corners a little wide as I left the turn. this comes down to a speed and control issues. I need to sit in the left wheel track on an open road to be further away from the on comming traffic. If their is a vehicle within three seconds in front I have to sit in the right wheel track for better visability and to be seen. If I am behind anouther bike I need to sit in the other wheel track.

    I have learnt heaps form this course and although I failed the test afterwards should get it tommorrow morning. I have made this post to help me focus on the things I got pulled up on and I hope that it helps other learners.

  2. good work mate, good luck with the next run. ;)
  3. Thanks I have not thought about anything but motorbikes all week. My wife is doing well as I talk constantly about this topic 8)
  4. Great work :D

    Where abouts do you live? Maybe you can come out riding with us hoons

    Lisa :twisted:
  5. I live in Logan which is just south of Brisbane in Queensland.

    Sounds good. I will do that but you must be gentle with me. :wink:
  6. Hey Mate best of luck for today, you live in Logan, cool thats just up the road from where I am
  7. hello Mashwoo :)

    Going by what you said about Q ride, looks like ridesmart to me :)

    I live near Springwood :)
    Whales kawasaki is my second home :D
  8. Hi all,
    I got it today, Thanks for all the support. Will come along for a ride as I gain more confidence. 8)

    Minor Errors that were pointed out to me

    1. Using the gears to slow down rather than the brake which is not getting the brake light on early enough for inattentive drivers behind me and a little more wearing on the engine.
    2. Even MORE observation needed.
    3. Left indicator on once. (still getting used to them not turning themselves off)
  9. Congratulations Mashwoo :D and as they say practice makes perfect,
  10. well done mashwoo, see you out there - stay safe. ;)
  11. HI ALL,
    I have brought a bike. Its a yamaha sr250 that has only done 605km and is in perfect condition and I am the first owner. It cost me $4400 drive away and that includes one years registration. I am very happy to have a near new bike for that price as they retail new for $5990 before onroads. I know they are not exactly going to win any races but I was just after a commuters bike and a good starters bike and this is perfect. :D
  12. Congrats Mashwoo!!!!

    Any bike is still a "bike".

    Hey everytime I get on a bike I'm learning. No matter how much experience you have, you will always learn more. To me that is the best attitude, and one of the best survival skills you can have.