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Q-Ride Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by easyspider, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Hi! :)

    I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks now. Seems like a great site. Just a quick question, has anyone here done the Q-Ride course? I have never ridden a bike before but I'm considering using the Q-Ride course to get my licence. Is it practical of me to think I could learn enough from scratch to gain my licence in 2-3 days?? I would really be interested in hearing others experiences of learning to ride.


  2. I did Q-ride. and it is certainly possible to learn to stay upright on a bike in 2-3 days. but that is about it. I was shocked when they handed me my license - i was nowhere near ready.

    q-ride is very sparse in what you really learn. but then it's probably better than the other system (still not sure - they both have positives and negatives).

    I'd say you really would need a more experienced rider/s to take you around after passing q-ride otherwise you'll be in a bit of strife.

    Also don't do somthing stupid like buy an R1 just coz you can...
  3. hi russ, thanks for your reply.

    i'm a very cautious person by nature and at 5'2" and 53 kilos will be a long time before i tackle anything larger than a 250 me thinks! :)
  4. Heya,

    Yeah me and my husband did Q-Ride we did it in 2 days.. Had great fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  5. I did q ride as well. they teach you the very basics about riding a bike.
    It'll get you going but the sooner you can do a course, the better :)
    csls and i are both brisbanites, so pm us if you want to know about qld stuff :)
  6. Welcome Easyspider!

    I did an intro course (for people who have never ridden before) which went for about 5 hours and started with the absolute basics. The following day I did an actual learners permit course which was much more involved. I felt that by doing the intro course, I was much more prepared and more confortable going into the second day and the test.

    Would certainly recommend a two day course. Just concentrate and take in what they say and youll do fine.
  7. The first time I rode a motorbike properly, so to speak, was when I was doing the two day course at Honda Hart at Tullamarine to get my learners. I'd been riding pushbikes since about 5 yrs old so I found it a straight forward transition onto the motorbike. Obviously the main differences being a motorbike is alot heavier than a pushbike and it has an engine. But I found the principles of riding both types of vehicles the same.

    Before the two day course, the only other time I'd ridden a motorbike was up and down my drive.

    Have confidence in yourself and you'll do just fine.
  8. I did my learners at HART too and before that the only Mototbike experience was sitting on the tank of my brother-in-law's trailbike at the age of about 5.... I passed with flying colours.. if you can ride a pushie with any skill then a motorbike shouldnt be to big a deal... as android said there aint much difference :D
  9. Sounds like doing a course is the way to go. I have enrolled in a two day course at Pro Honda in December. I'm nevous, but excited! :D
  10. 2 days will see you with a licence no problems. Have fun and enjoy. Get as much practice as you can afterwards in quiet areas to build up your skills and confidence and you will soon be mixing it on the roads with the cars, trucks, busses and taxis...
  11. good luck.
    hope you have heaps of fun. :D

    I found the first day slightly unnerving but on the second I had a blast. possibly coz I switched from the 300 year old cb250 to a brand new gs500 which was real easy to ride.

    if you don't have anyone to ride with once you've passed I'll be up in Brizzy late dec/early Jan, I won't have great amounts of wisdom to impart but two(or more) on the road is safer/more visible than one
  12. Thanks for the support, guys! :)

    Hey Russ, I might just take you up on that offer of a riding partner. All I need now is my first bike! :p Hmmm what to buy, what to buy??

  13. if spider or/and russ get on to ozsportbikes or overclockers forums, they will find heaps of queenslanders to ride with. They're a friendly lot who are always willing to help out other bikers..
    There are rides every weekend, but they're not into the coffee and chat thing (not trying to offend anyone)
  14. Heya,

    Overclockers is great.. We go on rides most weekends.. and we do Friday night stuff get dinner go for a ride etc..

    Rides on weekends.... We usually have a really big stop for luch and have coffee, food what ever and just hangout.. Since my husband and I joined we have made great friends... We are always looking for new riders we will help you out and I will always ride with new riders if they want..

    Hope to see you on a ride day soon.

    Lisa :twisted:
  15. i bought a bike today!! :D it's a 1999 kawasaki zr250 balius...it's yellow and beautiful and i am in love! now i just have to learn how to ride her...
  16. Woot!! :D Good on ya... I hope to see you on some of our ride days...
    You could come riding with me and my husband if you want..

    Lisa :twisted:
  17. Congrats Spider stay upright & enjoy the forum!
  18. Great Little bike

    You'll love the Balius easyspider! I bought one for my wife when she got her learners and she had a ball on it.
    There was definately a tear in our eye when we left it in Mackay after picking up her new Hornet.
    The Balius has the same engine as the ZXR250 (ZX2R) so if you can't find parts for the Balius look for ZXR bits.
    When you're not on the netrider forum, check out these guys as well...
  19. :D thanks guys. until i get my licence i will just have to sit in my drive way and rev her. i've already warned the neighbours not to worry too much about me!
  20. heya, im a new here, from NZ. i just got my full car licence and learners bike licence transferd to a gold QLD licence. my NZ learners bike shows up on the back of my QLD licence in the form of a sticker with RE on it. i have done alittle research into this Qride scheme, to be getting not very far. can any one en-lighten me on this? in NZ the process is much easier to understand we have Learners (6months). restriceted (18months). Full. we can only own and ride a 250cc on the learner and restricted. full licence is unlimited
    what is the process here???
    can i Q ride now? does open licence mean full (unlimited)?
    will i get a full licence if i Q ride on my RE licence?
    i want to get onto a 600cc with no restrictions
    what can and cant i do?

    very confused
    please help
    im on the sunshinecoast if that helps