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Q-Ride Course (North Brisbane)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by icecold, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. I'm looking to do a q ride course on the northside of Brisbane. Has anyone recently used Ridesmart at Mitchelton? I think it used to be morgan & wacker which I heard was good but I dont know if its the same instructors etc?

  2. i had a friend whom set a petrol station on fire once, i thought you should know this.
  3. I recently did a search for Q-ride on behalf of a relative who was just about to do a course. I got both my RE and R through Morgan & Wacker at Mitchelton and noticed the RideSmart group were operating there through the same shop now. I looked at the bikes and there were no Harleys or BMWs, so guessed that M & W must be no longer holding Q-Ride classes anymore. Whether they have relocated elsewhere I dont know.
  4. Team Moto bought the M&W riding school a little while ago. Last year when I called the M&W Riding School number, Team Moto answered the phone. And most of the instructors from M&W have also moved over to Team Moto.
  5. Go to the one at Aspley hypermarket. It's cheap and awesome.
  6. Thanks Makaveli, it turns out the one at the hypermarket has moved several times and is ridesmart at mitchelton so i will be giving them a call next week. they charge $490 for a 2 day weekend course
  7. I did the two day (mid week was $440) course with RideSmart at Mitchelton. They seemed good but being my first and only training so far I can't compare them to anyone else. There were 5 in my group and we rode Honda CB125e's. The group might be a mix of learners on their day 1 or 2. They get you going around straight away. I went from never having sat on a motorbike to doing laps within a few mins. If you pass the skills on day two you hit the road which may feel like a big leap from the safety of a carpark and no roundabouts or busy intersections but you just do it. I think they normally ride out to Clear Mountain and back but it was pouring rain so we stuck to more local (up to 80km - Jinker Track) roads. If you don't have gear yet they provide everything as well. (y)
  8. That's crazy. I did mine in July last year for 390.
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    My brother and I went through Ridesmart last year at the Hypermarket. Going back to them to upgrade licences from RE to R next weekend..single day course so a bit cheaper than the 2 day'er.

    Edit: a bit more about it... There was 1 instructor between 5 students. Lots of demonstrations and explanations, time to practice, extra help where needed, safety video watching, etc.. so nothing to complain about the course. CFMoto 125s back then, they did the job. CB125e's can only be better..haha.
  10. Wasn't the CFMoto a 150? Both shit bikes really.
  11. Ah true. Not much diff. Haha, buzzy bikes they were