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Q-Ride Accident today during training

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Flying is for planes, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. I made an inital post about Q-Ride post in the cruiser forum https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=42755 but since then have started training. This morning at 730 am 6 of us started our session. We spent the bulk of the day doing emergency braking, slow riding, slaloms, etc before heading out onto the Gold Coast roads.

    We had a great time doing mainly about 60km/h. On the return we detoured via Nerang Railway Station where there is a 40 km.h zone. At a roundabout there was a staionary white Commodore stopped ON THE ROUNDABOUT with the passenger door open whilst somebody chatted to the driver. The instuctor blasted her horn and nothing happened so we then attempted to go around the moron. I blasted my horn as I passed but mentally prepared myself to stop if something happened. Another 2 bikes followed me until moron decides to pull out into the stream of bikes with no warning.

    Bike #4 attempts to take action but in doing so over accelerates whilst swerving and heads towards the railway station fence. In a brave move he jumps the bike and the bike slams down on the road and he lands on his head. I am now 100 metres ahead but see what happens in my mirror. I hit the kill switch and quickly remembering to make sure the bike stand is down (remembering this is not a push bike) and run back to the scene.

    The rider is on his back and I go through the obvious first aid issues. Manage to get him up and and apart from a bit of a fright and a few obvious potential pain issues he was ok.

    The bike is pretty much in one peice although damaged. Cut a long story short it was until we got back that I asked somebody what happened to the driver. It didn't even occur to me that he had just taken off. I can't believe the driver couldn't possibly have not known what happened. Whate effectively occured was a failure to stop at the scene of an accident. Even though the car and bike did not make contact I would argue that moron caused the accident.

    It was only 3 minutes ago whlist doing 60 I passed a parked car and thought hell that would hurt if I hit it and then this happens. I suggested maybe the railways had a video camera there to get the reg# but I doubt it. The rider of the bike was ok, but I am quite sure now that he is home he is in some degree of shock. It certianly shook us all up a bit and I just hope the rider is handling it ok.

  2. HOLY SHITE :shock:

    but then again BOMBADORE drivers.... hope the guy on the bike is alright!
    did anybody else get their guy's rego??

    btw what Q-ride sch did you do it with??
  3. Nobody even thought to get his plate number - we were all running straight for the downed guy. I tell you I saw it happen in my mirror and couldn't believe it.

    He drove home not long after we got back. Just hope his wife doesn't crack the shits or he gets massive shock and/or bruisng and pain

    Im doing it with toprider - good bunch of people. Even provided us with subway for lunch
  4. This is why "car licenced only" drivers need to be shot.

    They are like blind mice behind the wheel of a 1600kg metal frame. I wouldn't trust that at all.

    I can't wait till the PM's children get motorcycles, then have an accident due to car drivers and their blindness. There will be flyers in the mail "A message from the Australian Government. Learn to drive. Open your eyes."
  5. I might not be that harsh but yeah sure this one deserved hanging

    You know what makes it even worse is it was all of our "first time" on the road. Talk about giving confidence. JEEEEEEEz. Yeah well I came home and got my VN900 out and went round the block a couple of times just to get my confidence back :twisted:
  6. kinda dangerous to stand a crashed rider straight up, especially if they landed on their head - spinal injuries are all too easy to come by.
    Gotta be careful out there!
  7. Hey Flying is for P, don’t mean to detract from the topic, but just out of curiosity are you allowed to ride a >250cc bike (yours is 900cc?) on an L plate?

    When I did my QRide (this was over a year ago) they told me that I was allowed to practice on 250cc bike (with L on), or if I have a bike that’s >250cc (which mine was – I had a GS500) I couldn’t ride it around on my own unless there’s a person with unrestricted motorbike licence supervising. That’s why I had to wait until I passed QRide before I could ride my own bike :mad: .

    Sorry don’t mean to hijack the thread, I just know that there was a whole bunch of licensing changes in July, and a friend of mine is wanting to do his QRide (and get a 500cc bike). I don’t want to tell him he can’t practice on it until he’s done with QRide if he actually can! :LOL:
  8. What I did was naughty... no I can't ride my bike until I do my test which is Saturday. Mind you I only started the course last Sunday. So yeah I am :evil :biker:
  9. It still hasn't occurred to you yet, that maybe you, in your foolishness, contributed to this accident? (Not to say anything of the "trainer" who also behaved less than wisely, if your story is accurate...)

    Keep riding as if the road belongs to you and maybe, next time, the "moron" will get you instead.

    I don't want to see that happen, so think a little before you pick on, or stick your finger up at, or challenge the schoolyard bully. Why pick on someone who is very much bigger than you (in a car) and very obviously has no regard for the law or driving manners.

    Even in a car I would be very careful about blasting someone doing something illegal and dangerous and discourteous as that guy did. But on a bike? Never!

    Sometimes those who insist on their legal right end up being dead wrong.

    Best regards

    Trevor G
  10. Even in a car I would be very careful about blasting someone doing something illegal and dangerous and discourteous as that guy did. But on a bike? Never!

    I agree with you. I shouldn't have used the word blasted. We actually tooted 3 times, which was a courtesy to let the driver know we were passing his parked/statiionary vehicle. He had to have seen us pass and I can't believe he didn't check his mirrors befpore pulling out infront of the rider who he nearly hit