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Q: renewing passport

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. throwing this out there for those who have recently done this and care to comment.

    just renewed my passport at the post orifice.

    opted for the priority processing service.

    so being "priority", i assume it's next day delivery to the passport office, then 2 days processing + delivery... i've read some getting it within 5 days...

    apparently i should receive it by monday...is this wishful thinking?

    knowing my luck aust. post will misplace the damn thing!

  2. I renewed my passport in November - application went into post office Friday morning, opted for priority service, email on Monday from passport office to say passport application received and processed, email on Tuesday to say it was ready for collection, went into passport office Wednesday morning on the way to work and found they had accidentally posted it, went to PO on Thursday and picked up passport, flew to NZ on Saturday.

    I was quite impressed by the speed of processing of the application.
  3. my mrs done it and got hers in 1 day
  4. she went to the passport office to do this, though, no? one has to book an "interview" and it's issued the same day this way.
  5. think so, was urgent as her grandmother was on her death bed
  6. received confirmation. processing has been finished. should get it mon/tues:)