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Q on vtr250 Exhaust not fitted properly

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Arik, May 16, 2006.

  1. Hey dudes,
    I had a staintune pipe fitted recently to at VTR250 (redwing honda heide)
    Lovely sound etc etc etc.....
    and yeah, why bother on a 250....I know
    I am very happy with the pipe, although I noticed the bike would sometimes stall when I gave her a little blip at the lights.


    cleaning the bike yesterday and noticed that the clamp fitting one of the header pipes was lose and not making a good seal (this is the mid-header seal).
    Naturally I tightened the seal, and have noticed the bike now does not stall when I blip the throttle at the lights...
    could lack of backpressure have been responsible for these stalls.
    What other issues would a lose exhaust header have caused??

    Not happy with Redwing as they also let me walk out with a Hornet windscreen instead of the VTR screen then basically called me a %$#head when I called and said theyy'd given me the wrong part.


  2. <------ I know your pain. :(
  3. you've had crappy dealings with Redwing as well?

    I'm beginning to think all dealers will be crap, and I need to find a nice oily-rag mechanic for my bike.
  4. The spare parts and retail sections are usually fine. :)
    The service department however is run by an incompetent lying slacker. :evil: Mind you I found the mechanic did a good job in the end. It's just a pity the manager is such a fcuk wit.
  5. So guys - any ideas what a loose exhaust header would do to performance etc?
    would that explain why my stalling problem has gone away?

  6. Bump !

  7. mate i think you answered your own question. the only thing that would have beeen changed if you tightened up the clamp would be the back pressure. the only other thing would be flooding a cold engine, or the computer? my VTR is a mongrel to start on a cold morning, and its not old.