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Q for the Nth Territorians: Is it Worth It?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by donski1, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Looks like I might be moving to Darwin in Dec. I can't help but wonder what the riding's like up there? In my mind either bloody hot or bloody wet. Neither of which are my favourite riding conditions. Is it even worth me taking a bike up? I hate the thought of not riding, but still want to be practical about this. No point taking my bike up if it's just going to sit there not being used, cause the air conditioned cage is so much more tempting.

    I'm an ATGATT rider and really want to stay that way. I dread being tempted to even consider squidding. (Paramedic - no amount of arguments will ever consider me to be OK with squidding). Course my leather jacket and Draggins are all black. D'oh.

    Any suggestions on how I would get it up there? Train, truck? (Not even going to consider riding my 250 all the way up there).

    Any advice / suggestions much appreciated.

  2. Oh come on Donna
    you do know that Phil and I moved down from Darwin to here don't you??
    Darwin is my favourite topic
    riding in Darwin comes into that

    Our riding started in Darwin
    all you need to do is rethink your gear
    the same gear we use down here, we bought while in Darwin
    Dririder jacket with the removable liners, etc is your best friend.

    Wear sunscreen ALL the time
    and make sure your helmet has lots of vents
    and Glen 20 for spraying your gear including your helmet is a must!!

    Also something we would completely recommend is M.E.T.A.L motorbike training at Hidden Valley
    the guys and girls are the BEST
    and riding your bike around Hidden Valley is awesome too for the advanced course.
    Twiggy & Liza are awesome instructors
    and Liza I adored!!
    shes a tough chicky that makes us training chicks feel at ease.

    I am GREEN with envy!!
    I miss Darwin every single day

    ok another thing to be aware of is doesnt just rain in Darwin
    its like someone pouring a HUGE bucket over you
    but saying that the roads dont get all slippery from the surface oil either after the first couple of showers as it rains too much for sh!t to lie on the road.
    It is also the most stunning time of year and the thunderstorms are something that will ruin the enjoyment of thunderstorms anywhere else afterwards.

    Watch out for road sleepers!!!
    you will discover what I mean when you get up there
    basically you NEVER want to take public transport if you can help it

    There is only a couple of bike shops up there and NT Motorcycles have the monopoly, be careful as they will try and force you into lots of things
    like buy a Hoyosung.....I shipped my first bike up from the Gold Coast :LOL:

    Darwin city is very small
    think Sunbury size
    no peak hour traffic compared to here
    and no beeping of horns every 5 seconds.

    Also the saying Not Today, Not Tomorrow
    Not Tuesday, Not Thursday
    blah blah for describing things happening in the NT is very true
    the pace is slow and enjoy yourself

    As for getting it up there
    do not truck it!!
    it will cost you more than a car to transport
    use one of the bike transporters to do it instead
    What we did was bought a light bike trailer (Easy trailer) and towed my 250 kwaka and the kids motorbike behind my Astra.
    While Phil drove the landcruiser with camper trailer.
    (by the time we got to Alice Springs it was too cold for me and I wanted to go back to Darwin :shock: )

    Can I pack myself in your travel bag??

    cant think of anything else
    pm me if you have anything to ask that I havent covered LOL

  3. Wow

    Wow Tracey, so I'm guessing that's a Yes - It is Worth It verdict from you! OK, you've convinced me. Your passion is contagious. Looks like it might be more like March than Dec though which is good, gives me a little more organising time.

    Sunscreen check, Glen 20 check. C'mon, not too hot though - really??

    After your story, I'm wondering if it would be cheaper to hire a trailer myself and tow it up as opposed to a bike transporter. I'll look into it.

  4. Re: Wow

    March is even better
    it gives you a chance to climatise before the next buildup
    though March is still pretty warm and its still great wet weather too
    though still cyclone season.

    I wont lie to you it does get hot
    BUT saying that I hate the heat I have experienced down here in Melbourne
    I find the humid weather easier to cope with
    being a Paramedic you will know this
    but I will say it anyway
    water is your best friend
    and YAYYY no water restrictions!! wooohooo
    try and get hold of some of the locals who have popped up recently on Netrider
    umm there is a bike group up there and for the life of me I cant remember what its called
    but basically if you do a course with METAL (which will save you money on insurance through TIO as they sponsor it) you will get to meet and find out about the bike community there too
    But your a cool chick it wont take you long to meet people

    the trailer we bought was Easy Trailer
    I think there is a link in the link section
    for a cheapy it did its job excellently
    depends on what sort of car you have too
    you might be able to get away with a second hand bigger trailer

    ohhh I am so excited for you

  5. On Darwin: "a town of booze blow and blasphemy" - Peter Goldworthy, Maestro

    i went there and loved it :grin:
  6. Yeah

    Bring it on!!! Hit a bit of a flat spot in Melbs and time for a change. Could do with a bit of Wild West (albeit north). Hope all the stories are true.
  7. Why you moving up there? :shock:

    Internet lover?
  8. Why?

    Ah MG, I wish! At least I'd be getting a little bit of cyberspace action as opposed to NO action at all....

    Nah, I used to be an ambo here (Melb), but stopped that late last year - just needing a break from it. Have been doing a fill-in, part-time job in mental health, but have realised lately I'm not done being an ambo. Nothing else seems to cut it. Got into the AFP (feds), but ultimately would rather be on the good guy side of the fence. The work as an ambo up there is meant to be pretty good. From an ambo mate, I understand it can be pretty remote at times and the people up there get to do stuff metro ambos just dream about.

    NT just happened to have an intake at the right time and I've got a great friend up there, so there you have it. All good, pretty excited, just that goddamm heat. Seems like everyone who has lived there become all nostalgic and mists over when asked to reminisce about their time up north. I want me some of those times. Maybe the bike wasn't enough to quench my mid-life (ish) crisis.

    Hey MG - hope your doing OK. Again, really sorry. And Joel - your toe, ouch. Not going to be fun squashing that into work boots I'm guessing.
  9. Hurray, another NT netrider. There's a few of us that lurk these forums, but seldom post. I commute twice a week from Humpty Doo (about 50km each way) and I still have my Dri-rider alpine jacket and thinsulate gloves from when I lived in Brisbane. I wear 'em every time I ride, but I swear every build-up that I'll get a mesh jacket, but then the rains start and I have to keep a FULL change of clothes at the office. Today was a typical ride for this time of year - 'bout 30°C and 90% humidity.

    Tracey knows more about transporting bikes up here, I bought mine locally. There's really only 4 or 5 months that are uncomfortable , the dry season is fantastic bike riding weather, you just have to watch out for those tourists in campervans. I did the Litchfield road a few weeks ago with on of the other Darwin people who frequent this site. It's the nearest thing we have to twisties, but ist still a great ride, and you get to see some Litchfield NP scenery as well.

    Hope you enjoy Darwin as much as I am!

    Cheers, Scott
  10. Hey Scott

    I was hoping someone from the NT would jump out and say hi on this thread
    one thing that you will notice straight off about the NT Donna is the friendliness!!
    its the only place I have lived in where you can smile at someone in the street and be smiled at back and said hello to
    not snarled at ROFL

    Hey Donna they are screaming for customs people up there as well!
    I use to work alongside with customs up there and I would LOVE to do their job up there, so interesting.

    Anyway Scott thanks for welcoming her along

  11. One thing to watch up their is the wildlife. I've an uncle in Darwin who discovered the hard way that water buffalo are not something you want to come across when riding at high speed. You've also got to watch out for the wedge tail eagles feeding on road kill - damn things have a habit of leaving it to the last minute to leave their prize for oncoming traffic and you don't want to be taking one of those to the head/chest at speed given they weigh as much as a couple of housebricks.
  12. Re: Why?

    Well they'll be plenty of outback Abo's up there to help you out there darls :LOL:

    Kewl :cool:

    Ya gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Hope it all turns out well for you.
    I went to LaTrobe Uni years ago & applied to be an ambo but didnt make
    it. I wasent smart enough.

    Probably a good thing because I don't think I'd be cut out to do that kinda

  13. We were up there few months ago and looked into the riding there/freighting option. If you dont choose the riding or towing route(personally I would tow if your already going to drive) then next best cheapest option I found was ride to Adelaide, then had to crate the bike and get it freighted by truck by :-k NT freighters I think they where called. But I had to crate it.
    Was about 500 bucks from memory to Darwin and that was with me crating it and delivering it to their depot and picking it up Darwin depot and 1 helluva lot of feggin around. We flew instead :LOL: Like someone said, Litchfield national park was good, apart from that, it is straightline city, and with 130kmh limit now, those straights tend to go on and on and on and on :blah:
  14. Donna, welcome in advance. :)

    Darwin is one of those places that gets into your blood. Like a lot of people I came up intending to stay 18 months, about 20 odd years ago :LOL: Be warned, the relaxed lifestyle gets to you.

    Definately bring the bike.

    As said above, the traffic is fairly mild (hardly anyone filters/splits as there is no real need) & if you are living in the 'burbs you are pretty much 15-20 minutes from everywhere in town.

    Bikes are becoming more popular as fuel is getting dearer, (saw UL at $1.40 this morning), and public transport in the wet season is something that your olfactory senses won't soon forget.

    Mesh gear is your friend, but even this time of year you can still get by (sorta) with a leather jacket as you aren't sitting at lights for any great length of time to slow broil. Your visor does tend to fog up in the rain, but you wont freeze if you crack it open a bit for ventilation.

    As Scott said, Litchfield is our nearest thing to twisties, with a bit of all sorts apart from hairpins. I was with him a couple of weeks ago & we had a great run with a couple of "interesting" corners to keep the fun factor up. Best to head out early to get there before the tourists hit the road & you can take it at your own pace.

    There is another run that is rumoured to be a real buzz called the triangle, from Darwin to Jabiru past Fogg Dam & the floodplains, across to Pine Creek at the edge of Arnhem Land (twisty bits too) then back up the Stuart Highway to Darwin. About 600km with some great scenery. Interested Scott?

    +1 re the METAL instructors, they are a great bunch & its a real hoot getting out on the Hidden Valley track. Do the Skills Plus or Advanced course, it's a great day.

    If you want any specific info about the place, feel free to PM me.

    Cheers, Ewan.
  15. Re: Why?

    Nah, she's over 6.