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Q about motorbike boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by beans07, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I just bought a pair of motorcycle boots ready for my upcoming motobike. They were a steal but I am able to return them if not right.

    Now I am wondering about fitting. I take a size 11 in normal shoes and have purchased a pair that is that size.

    They are an excellent fit length wise but as my feet are quite skinny (narrow) there is a bit of movement.

    What kind of fit am I really after?

    They feel comfortable but with that little bit movement and I would be sure that all brands that fit length wise would be fairly well similar with the width problems.

    Another Q is do I tuch the leathers into the boots? I also have draggins and I would assume they will go on the outside but the leathers wont fit over (I don't have any just tried some on.)

    All help very much appreciated for this newb.
  2. trial and error mate.....i spent ages trying on many types of boots, and annoyingly the $400 alpinestars were the best fit. even though sizes may be the same number, between brands they are different shapes in terms of width and height, just like clothing shoes.

    its important that you get a snug fit, even a little tight, as they will stretch. you dont want any slack in them because you need to get a good feel on the brakes and gear shift.

    if they dont fit snugly at the moment, theyre not going to get any better im afraid
  3. gsxxer is right about the 'feel'. However this mightn't be too much an issue if its sideways movement. Maybe try them with a pair of thick socks (or two) on.

    There's no 'correct' option, pants can go inside or outside. It just depends on what works.
  4. There is enormous variation in the fit of different brands of boots. Expect them to stretch a little bit with wear, too. I'd be thinking about exchanging.

    Leathers and boots come in two general types, those that have the boots outside (sports, mostly), and those that have the pants out (touring and general purpose). Buy each of these with consideration to what you already have, and what you are likely to do in the future.
  5. if the boot is the right length, but a tad too roomy inside, you might want to try a $3 pari of insoles from the chemist.

    My boots were a just as you describe and I found that adding a cheap spongey insole 'filled' the space beautifully and makes them even more super-comfy than they were before!

  6. sorry if this is a little off topic and hi-jacking but its a Q about boots :p

    say i buy some alpinestar super tech, smx-4's boots or something similar are they waterproof??

    also are leather jackets waterproof? or do i need a special set of riding gear for both rain and shine?? if i get caught in the rain with a leather on will it damage it???

    thanks guys n girls :cool:
  7. i got caught out in the rain once with leathers on. perforated leather with stretch kevlar. sufficed to say i got wet :grin:

    suprisingly the smx4s are fine in the wet for a while. when its raining i wear dririders which go over the boot and just leave the bottom of the foot exposed. never had problems with wet cold feet
  8. not so much worried about myself getting wet but my gear getting ruined??? :grin: including boots so still on topic :p