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Q/A session for novices - Sat 11th March

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Hi Guy's,

    I was thinking of running a question/answer session for those that are new to motorcycling. I do not profess to know everything, I have been working in the motorcycle industry & racing motorcycles for 30 years, so I hope I would have something to pass-on. I welcome any others from the industry to assist me.

    I am Melb based and was thinking we could meet at a pub or something like that, one evening in the next couple of weeks; I'll bring pen & paper to draw diagrams.

    If I get response from anyone, I will advise of a venue soon.

  2. Netrider seminar series #2: Riding Skillz 101 by JohnnyO.

    This is a great ball Glitch has got rolling here, good call Johnny.

    Incidentally, what happened with those Sachs test bikes?
  3. Hey, I've got the Sachs 650 here in the South Melb office, just waiting for test riders.
  4. I'd be keen - always interested to learn more.
  5. Anyone with experience is welcome, I'm sure someone else may be able to answer the questions that I can't.
  6. I don't have too many questions on hand but would be happy to come and participate, sounds like a great idea.

  7. Not that you'll need it but this might be of use to you (even just the churn out as some kind of handout.

    Or was your target audience, those that have a bike and gear and are just starting to get thier head around riding?
  8. Cool :grin:

    I'm happy to talk about all subjects such as....

    Road riding tips
    suspension adjusters
    carburation/fuel injection mapping
    Performance modifications
    Home tuning/servicing
    Buying & selling bikes

    What ever anyone brings up.
  9. Me too!
  10. Thanks Matt, probably for those that are into bikes but would like to expand their knowledge.
  11. Okay,maybe if it's only going to be a few of us, we could either do it at my office in South Melb or maybe at Cleopatra's in St Kilda? I'll let you know soon, any suggestions are welcome.
  12. Put it down for a date a few weeks in advance, you'll get a bigger group. Just set the date early.
  13. Id definately be interested in coming along. Would definately like to get more info on setting up bike and general servicing.. (Make sure im doing things right..etc)..
  14. Okay, let's say the evening of Sat the 25th of this month, venue TBA. Or would most prefer a week night?
  15. It's a great idea - I would be along to this.

    Any night of the week would be fine. Particularly interested in maintanence and repairs...
  16. mid week would probably work better.....
  17. Count me in! Schedule permitting.

    What a great idea!

    I have a feeling that cornering will get the group going.

    Weeknights or weekend arvo's are good for me.

  18. yeah sounds mad.. always learn stuff listening to peopel that ave been there, and no doubt questions will develop as we go.. count me in timetable permitting
  19. Okay, we'll make the first session at Cleopatra's on the evening of Sat the 25th of this month, we'll see how it goes, we can then decide on another venue and time if need be.
  20. Could we please have a map or link, for those of us who don't know where it is. :WStupid: