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Pycho magpie Bells Line

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Rose, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Feel free to move this if you think this is the wrong place to post - but it was definitely a road hazard, even if it isn't the road that's the problem.

    Riding along the Darling Causeway from Mt Victoria and coming up to the intersection with Bells Line of Road, I'm slowing down in the 60 zone and I hear a kind of squeaking sound. My immediate thought was, strange, it must be my back brake so I released it but the "cheepcheepcheep" sound continues. At this stage I am right up to the intersection and concentrating on judging the traffic to turn right, when BAM, something hits my helmet with the most almighty whack, almost knocking me and the bike over. There's a scrabblescrabblescrabble on my helmet and then this magpie is dancing around me and squawking and carrying on like I've personally murdered all its babies.

    A week later I'm doing the opposite trip and am exiting Bells Line of Road onto the Darling Causeway. I start to look around for the psycho bird but can't see anything, then two seconds later I hear "cheepcheepcheep" behind me. I look in my mirror and there, literally two inches away from my helmet, is this magpie stalking me, wings outstretched, claws out, looking to land on me again. It was surreal - it looked so mean and black and EVIL. I duck down to try and avoid it and weave the bike around to get away from it. Finally I remember that I've got a throttle and take off. My husband, who was riding behind me, saw the whole thing and said he wondered how long it would take me to work out that the bike probably goes faster than the bird.

    I have a black and white helmet and am wondering if it thinks I'm a magpie? Anyone else had a close encounter with this bird there?
  2. I've had a magpie attack me while riding pillion a few years ago. Out if the blue a magpie appeared inches from my face and pecked at my visor. We were riding with friends following behind and they said later the magpie had been following us for a while before it decided to have a go at my helmet. This happened on the Somerset Dam Rd in SE Qld, so obviously not the same magpie. I lurched forward when it started pecking at me and we were doing a decent speed at the time, but hubby was blissfully unaware of what was going on and thought I was having a sneezing attack.
  3. BAHAHA that's hilarious!
    Our local postie (on a treadly) has a high-vis green helmet, and he has zipties all over it like an echidna...
  4. Sorry to laugh, but I had a good laugh.
  5. Having spent 10 years racing the pushie, which meant hours upon hours on the roads magpie season was usually eventful. I have had holes in the side of my helmet from beaks/claws, had my ear sliced open by one sadistic magpie, and there was the evil mofo magpie at yarra glen who chased us through the main street, we took cover in the bakery(which he tried to swoop in under the verandah of), then continued to pursue(even after we ate) us all the way out of town to the bridge, needless to say our sprinting was strong by the start of the season. We tried it all eyes, zip ties, throwing water bottles none work....They are only thinking of shagging & breeding which makes them territorial little bastards this time of year.
  6. I was wondering why I'd seen cyclists doing that.
    Always seemed odd to me, but then I've never actually had a magpie attack me even though I have been in areas where they were attacking other people.

    Seems unlikely they'd mistake a helmet for another bird, their level of intelligence has been found to be quite high (they can plan ahead and work together in groups). But then angry irrational mothers are probably common to most species, so I guess anything's possible :LOL: :bolt:.
  7. I've been watching a pair at work lately - they work as a team in the garden and are quite good at finding little grubs about 2cm long under the bark litter...
    What's really got me fascinated though, is the way at least one of them does it: he'll find a grub, but keep it in his beak while he looks for another one. When he finds a good spot to dig, he drops the first grub on the ground while he digs up the second one and eats it! He then picks up the first one and hops around looking again...
    I haven't worked out yet whether he's holding that one for his mate, or a baby somewhere...
  8. Somewhere on the internet there was a video clip of a magpie that would ring the front doorbell of a house. Allowing a second magpie to steal food from the table on the back patio when the person got up to check the door.

    Was actually something they did more than once, which is why the person was able to set up cameras to film it. So not just planning, but also remembering which plans worked.
  9. This one;

  10. :LOL:. No
    But guessing that ad got their inspiration from the video I saw though.
  11. My previous postie (personal friend) had one shot.
  12. i saw a video where a group of guys tested everything.. sip ties, googley eyes, colours, fabrics and textures, then finally one guy balled up and went out without a helmet.. and didnt get attacked.. he did it over and over.. and the maggie just wasnt interested in him untill he put a helmet on..
  13. I was swooped while riding my bicycle this week and was wondering if magpies might swoop motorcyclists. Question answered.
  14. That's because they know riding without a helmet kills kittens. ;)
  15. Hahaha! I was attacked by that magpie (most likely) at that same intersection on Thursday last week. Actually it attacked me twice.

    First time was when I turned left onto the Darling Causeway off Bells Line at the old abandoned service station for a break, then I did a U-turn to go left and onward to Lithgow. That's when I saw this thing flash in my mirrors then I heard and felt it scratch my helmet. :)

    Second time was when I came back through there after going down the GWH to Mount Victoria and turning left onto the Darling Causeway and got to that intersection again.

    I also have a black and white helmet. It didn't attack my Dad who was riding in front with an all black helmet. :)

    Anyway, it made my day really. I was laughing in my helmet a lot. :)
  16. Where I used to live there used to be a magpie that would swoop on people walking down the road near the railway station. It used to attack my neighbour on a regular basis and got my daughter a few times, but I never got attacked and I walked to the station Monday to Friday.
  17. I used to cycle to school through magpie territory. Instead of altering my route and adding 2 mins to the journey I decided not to let the bastard win. Who wants to get bullied by a ****ing bird.

    So I cycled past every day with a tea towel under my helmet. He got to know me. If there were other cyclist he would forget them and go for me. He got more vicious and vicious but could never beat the impenetrable tea towel. I think he was trying to get me to crash, it was a fairly busy road.

    Now this sounds paranoid but I swear to god he had a magpie spy. I lived about 2 kms away and every morning when I came out of my house there was a magpie on the same poll, and every morning as soon as it saw me it would fly in the direction of swoop territory. This happened every day for at least a month. So it wasn't just a coincidence. I don't know what he told the other magpie, probably something about my tea towel.

    Now Colin (I named him Colin) like all magpies would only swoop in his territory between two cross streets. But one day I broke the ****ers natural instincts. He followed me all the way home. Vicious bastard wouldn't stop. But then the next day back to normal. oh there's the cross street I can't attack you after that it's against the rules.

    Anyway that's what I got off on as a 17 year old, pissing off a bird.
  18. I once got a bird off by pissing on her, but that's a completely different story...
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  19. Sounds like the same guy.
  20. I don't reckon I could do it. I get bad enough stage fright if someones in the urinal next to me.