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Pvr/media Pc Recomendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. G'day peeps, as above I need a recomendation for a PVR/Media PC, 'cos I Like TV, but it never follows my schedule & I'm not fond of ads :)

    I have previously had FoxtelIQ, which was great, but bundled with all their channels I never watched was a waste of money, so I went over to FetchTV2, which was cheaper & gooderer, then we moved house & I had to downgrade to FetchTV1, which means I am renting a PVR essentially. :confused:

    Pricing them up, it seems it might be better value to go with a dedicated PC, but I've been out of that game for a while & wouldn't know a Pentium 3 from a smartcard.

    What do you use, how much did it cost & what's great/bad about it?
  2. Software wise have a look at these;
    plex http://plexapp.com/ (I use this and have had no issues).
    XBMC http://xbmc.org/
    MythTV http://www.mythtv.org/

    For more info Whirlpool has a complete section http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/126
    Hardware wise, grunt is not that important so you can build/buy a quiet (important) small, HTPC for under $700.
    Base it on a core i-5 chipset (anything else is overkill) no more than 6Gb RAM and on-board GPU should be fine if you go for one of the better brands of Mobo.

    I cannot specify an exact build as it's been a few years since I last built one, the above is intended to get you started - I'm sure others on here have more recent experience.
  3. Unless you're planning on doing other things with it a Media PC isn't really necessary. There's not really that much in a PVR, which is why a lot of TVs now have them built in (like mine).

    Same applies for HD TV tuners, which you can pick up with a built-in PVR brand new for less than $30 off ebay. For example:

    Then you just have to add your own storage, either a memory stick or external HDD depending on how much stuff you want to have recorded at any given time (though you can easily swap memory sticks and treat them much like people used to treat VHS tapes).
  4. this is a great resource. I build my htpc a few years ago now so I can't give much advice on the latest processors or graphics cards, but what I will say is make it silent! the fans whirring may not be an issue on a desktop PC but they will be really annoying on a htpc. I changed to a fanless graphics card and it made a huge difference to the overall feel of the thing
  5. Played with all of this .XBMC is good ,im just happy with my I7 decked out with some nice A/V cards. And good software.Windows media center does a great job for playback and recording.if you want to go crazy and blow it out of the water with ASIO drivers and different codecs ,The Jriver media center is ultimately configurable

    I got a lot of format`s that just wont play on any old box , Dvd-A ,sacd ,blueray .
  6. I was just about to say that XBMC would be great if it had built-in PVR capabilities, but apparently the new version (endearingly called "Frodo") does. About time.

    In the meantime, I'm using Windows Media Centre with Shark007 codec pack. The current version mostly just works with my dual HD tuners, multiple types of storage (USB, DVD, Bluray, network servers etc.)

    Combine that with ĀµTorrent, Dropbox and TED (Torrent Episode Downloader) for a nifty little setup :)
  7. I don't use any PVR type things (so can't really help on that side) as I only watch CH9 for the footy because my TV doesn't get any reception so I watch through TPG's IPTV which works pretty well (about 30 seconds behind CH9 so not too bad).

    I purchased a HP N40L recently and it's pretty much perfect for me, I also purchased a GT520 (for using HDMI for $35), I paid $230 for mine about a month ago, (which the 250GB HDD), but I've been checking out the prices and it went down to $199 including shipping which is a steal imo. I was originally worried that it wasn't going to be very powerful but it's been perfect for running XBMC, torrents, download managers/accelerators, browser etc

    I run Windows 8 Pro 64bit as the OS, and the N40L is plugged into the TV, and most days it's running 24/7 and I access it remotely from work to download TV/movies so there ready go when I get home. It's mostly operated by a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard and touchpad which is a pretty nifty device, or sometimes I use my phone/tablet with XBMC remote.
  8. That's a good point actually, & it raises some issues I hadn't thought of, ie, my BLuRay player is dead & it would also be nice to stream music into the lounge room. My amp in the loungeroom only has analogue inputs, which is pretty much non-existant on PVR's these days, it's just HDMI.

    Thanks for the input thus far guys, looks like a HTPC is the way to go. It will do BluRay & PVR & Music for less than the cost of a (TiVo style) PVR
  9. cool thread btw
    i download everthing and dont record at all.
    utorrent has a phone app now an my phone has a sd
    card )
  10. I download anything where I'm at risk of spoilers from my US/UK friends, or where I'm just impatient. If the TV networks don't like it, they can hurry up and get stuff on the box in a less idiotically slow manner.

    I can't recall the last time I watched an ad, unless it was a TAC ad from a link on here :)
  11. don't forget that you can't play blu-ray natively inside Win7 (if that's your OS of choice). You'll need to factor PDVD12 or something similar into your costs

    When I built the media centre 3 or 4 years ago you just couldn't buy what I wanted. I just bought the ALDI TV and for sixty bucks more their blu-ray player just plugs in, and you can record straight to usb.

    by all means go the htpc route especially if you want to edit out the ads and compress files for storage, but as jd says it's no longer the only sensible route.
  12. mv, come over and have a look at the box I just built yesterday some time.
  13. cool thread btw
    i download everthing and dont record at all.
    utorrent has a phone app now an my phone has a sd
    card )
  14. I don't do Mac. I'll have a look though :)
  15. It's off the shelf PC stuff.
  16. Really? Ok, definitely interested.

    In the meantime, I dragged my PC out to the Lounge & added a $5 TV tuner I bought from somewhere, viola! HTPC.

    I'll play around with some software, what are you using for PVR Grue?