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pvc fairings?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mikoolwong, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. anyone got any input on pvc fairings? i found replacement fairings for my zxr250 but they're made of pvc... is this the same stuff as fibreglass? (don't think so) anyone know how it differs in any way?

    main thing is...they're bloody cheap... so i'm guessing there must be dissadvantages. but to 'bling' up my bike and replace my cracked front and side fairings with fibreglass ones and paint etc is costly...wheras a full set of shiny pvc fairings is a fraction of the price...tempting...
  2. Basically, the more you pay the more likely you will receive good parts. Expect the pvc to be less crack resistant then the fibreglass ones, and overall less quality.
  3. PVC is more brittle than fibreglass and as frickendevil said they are more likely to crack. It would be a little dependent on how thick it is as well. If you want durable you want other materials.
  4. thanks for the info

    so its not really worth forking out the money for plastics? i've been thinking for resale value the bikes current fairings don't look as hot as others on the market...hence the interest in new ones. but i'm not wanting to sell right now anyway.

    would a patch up job be recommended? or dont bother-its only a 250?
  5. The fairings on your bike now, are most likely plastic.
    Although strong FG is heavy.
    For all intents and purposes PVC is plastic.

    Up to you to decide if you will get your money back if you replace them or just sell as it is.
  6. yeah true. i found a set for $700 thought it looked pretty cheap...but even so, i don't like the paint scheme so would consider a respray...[waste of money] but i was thinking also to keep the set and only put them on when selling... but as you were hinting, i doubt id get it back
  7. pvc is the same type as ur plumbing pipes, from what i heard the chines sttuff doesnt sit great on the bike and needs a bit of perswasion to snuggle in.

    It all relative of course.
  8. I read on another forum happy reviews of the fairing sets lost the link though. plumbing pipes can be quite strong though!

    even so, i'll give them a miss for now. cheers all
  9. For a start, original fairings are ABS plastic, very strong but brittle. PVC deforms under heat, something to consider. Fibreglass is stiff, but far more brittle than ABS. I wouldn't have fibreglass fairings on a street bike, it crazes and cracks if you look at it funny.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. oic, so ABS is the way to go?

    any way to repair ABS? (sorry havn't searched threads/google for answer yet)
  11. ABS is dead easy to repair, any bumper repair place (Yellow pages) can do it if you have all the parts.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. +1 to typoon
    let me know if u need some stuff welded up