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Putty Upgrade

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Cam2318, May 24, 2016.


    Roads and Maritime Services will start safety improvement work from Monday 23 May on Putty Road near Milbrodale and Putty.

    Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Scot MacDonald MLC said the NSW Government allocated $720,000 for work to improve safety on stretches of the road with a history of motorcycle crashes.

    “In the five years to June 2015 there were four crashes on Putty Road from one kilometre south to 700 metres north of Putty Valley Road all resulting in injuries,” Mr MacDonald said.

    “Two fatal crashes were also recorded last year about 16.5 kilometres south of Milbrodale.

    “The majority of these crashes involved vehicles losing control and veering off the road on a curve.

    “Work will involve widening the road shoulders, road resurfacing and improving safety barriers and line marking to reduce the risk of crashes on a total of six bends.”

    Mr MacDonald said the Australian Government allocated $630,000 through the Federal Blackspot Programme for an additional safety improvement project near Milbrodale.

    “In the five years to June 2015 there were five head-on crashes on Putty Road from 30 metres south to 1.6 kilometres north of Darkey Creek Road at Milbrodale, resulting in three injury crashes,” Mr MacDonald said.

    “This work will involve widening the road shoulders, installing new signs and improving safety barriers and line marking.

    “Putty Road is popular with recreational motorcyclists and this work will include upgrading the existing safety barriers to provide motorcycle specific protection on the outside of road bends.”

    Work is scheduled to start on Monday 23 May and will be carried out on Monday to Saturday between 7am and 5pm.

    One lane will be closed during the upgrade work and signs, traffic control and a reduced speed limit of 40 km/h will be in place.

    All three upgrades are expected to be completed by the end of June, weather permitting.

    Roads and Maritime thanks motorists for their patience while these important safety upgrades are carried out.
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  2. So ... $1.2M for speed cameras and $100K for donuts for the camera car operators?
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    mods please delete - I was ninja'd
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    good news - nice to see that the upgrades were aimed at improving road conditions for motorcyclists - will give us an excuse to go for a putty run!

    about 15yrs ago a neighbour of mine (who was in middle managment in the RTA) told me that for the state to build 1km of A Grade dual carriageway (one lane each way) the cost was approximately $1m.

    I hope not!
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  5. Work has already started; there's a speed restriction through the Putty Turnoff section with all the Armco fencing having been removed; one can only hope that something better will replace it.... I hope the money is also spent remediating the shocking patching of the famous dip in the left hander heading south. The tar that covers the dip is worse than the dip it replaces.....
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if the new signs they are talking about are 60km/h signs through the Northern twisty section, reducing it from 80km/h.
    Here comes Old Pacific Highway mark II, almost halving the speed limit to assist in taking licences and number plates.
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  7. My recent experience with the Ten Mile is that the 80Kph limit doesn't need to be policed as they are doing quite nicely with the boy-racers doing much more than that.
  8. I get worried when they start doing up favors, hope it doesn't come back to bite us. Lowering the limit to 60 would be a horrible result and would make it a ticket collectors paradise. Speaking of dips, I saw lots of improved road side armco on The Old Rd on Sunday but those to dips in the road north of The Road Warriors are still there mid apex,even though they have been marked with paint for fixing for more than a year.
  9. I'll be pretty annoyed if these wonderful new signs have the number '60' on them... :/

    Its at least fun to do the 10-mile at 80, unlike crawling along the Old Pac. Gonna have to win the lottery, buy some land and build a track methinks...
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