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Putty there, Bucketty / Wisemans ferry return

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    i'm taking the missus on the Putty run, with overnight accomodation in Hawk's Nest, then return to sydney via george downs drive (bucketty) and wiseman's ferry road.


    Anyone know where there are fuel stops on the putty? our 250cc bikes only have a range of about 220kms - 250kms (using reserve)

  2. There is no fuel stops, halfway house burnt down 2 years ago and was the only fuel stop available, broke would be your next fuel stop or singleton
  3. damn

    i know the missus' vtr can make the distance, don't know about the virago, might have to strap a jerry can to my back...don't want to be stuck on the putty in the 30 degrees weather predicted this weekend.

    looks like there is a BP at 362 Putty Road, Wilberforce

    then a BP at 53 George Street, Singleton

    165km between them according to Google Maps, so should be able to make it.

    so route is starting to look like this


    what you think?
  4. What about Bulga, just before Mt Thorley?
  5. Watch out on wisemans ferry rd, cattai rd.... DARK green unmarked SS.... seen it doing numerous laps over the past couple of weeks and again this morning....
  6. Nice, am doing wollombi to wisemans and back tomorrow. Heading off bout 10 :).
    Old boy busy, mrs away from tonight, so just me :p.
    Going to (mostly) behave though, i like my licence!

    Know when i hammer mine i get about 220km out of a tank, so i have a 10 litre can in the rjays bag, which between all that will get me there and back (about a 275km run for me).
  7. Slow down at Lemming Corner
  8. where abouts is this? google maps?

    I might do putty today upto Singleton.
  9. Its 135km from Colo Heights to Singleton. Mate on a KTM did it fine a few weeks ago.
  10. Getting the urge to come up and do the Wiseman ferry road again......
    And one or two other roads...hehe
    Good reason for a trip to Sydney.....:D
  11. Lemming.

    Edit: They have just upgraded a corner somewhere there have they not? My last time through the roadworks were in progress. Was it lemming they were upgrading? Certainly the downhill right and then left is what they were working on, but i dont remember it being quite as tight...
    Edit 2: Ok yes thats the corner they were working on for sure, not far back from the intersection to GNR/GDD.
    Edit 3: And away we go! :biker:
  12. yay forecast for saturday!!!

    Blacktown 33 degrees, sunny and warm
    Singleton 36 degrees, sunny and hot
    Newcastle 29 degrees, sunny and warm
    Cessnock 35 degrees, sunny and hot

    **** yeah!

    (sunday same temps, rain late)

    :woot: :woot: :woot:
  13. Ahh... rest stop and what do you know, a tiny bit of signal :p so logged into home and posting lol...
    Lemming was the corner below the one they are working*** on :) i was close hehe.

    *** It looks exactly the same as about 3 months ago.
  14. There, that was a sweet run! Now to stand in front of the AC for an hour.
  15. lol curse you!

    if you see a couple of 250's with L plates on saturday morning coming into Newcastle from the putty road, that'll be me n the missus
  16. Was remarkably devoid of biker life considering weather and time of year, but damn was there some trucks, and a PILE of asians in people movers doing 20kph. Mostly the trucks were coming the opposite way on my side of the road - b doubles on that road is just crazy. Scooted up the inside of a couple of them on the wrong side of the road for lack of any other option, and just kept on going.

    I was easily keeping up with some daytonas and a couple ninjas with no effort through a lot of the bends, but losing them on the straights of course :p. My bike tops out in 6th about what theirs can do in 1st :D. Suprised a few of them too hehehe.

    Its running sweet as i must say, been steadily overhauling everything i can, short of rebuilding the engine. Lots of new parts and that gone on, so when i go to sell it in a month or two unless i crash it in the meantime (touch wood) i know ill be passing on a reliable bike, and ill sleep well knowing im not passing someone something that will be responsible for their deaths without their input :p.
  17. Take care dude, its still DD's and theres bound to be a couple of idiot cagers/bikers on the road. Make sure your better half takes lots of pictures for the enjoyment of your fellow NR.
  18. yeah no dramas, i got some ideas already for the type of pics i want to take

    i think my biggest challenge on the day will be to not start a bushfire from all the sparks while I'm grinding the virago's pegs :bolt:
  19. Hahah I can tell your itching to get your hands on a proper sports bike. I feel your pain.