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Putty run Sat 9th july

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Griffo, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. If the weather is good this Saturday (Forecast looks good so far) i am doing my first putty run (on a bike), was wondering if anyone is interested in tagging along. I (Silver VFR800) will to be at the Wilberforce Caltex at around 9:30am and will be leaving at 10am Sharp. If anyone is interested see ya there. No platers please.

    Maybe i should modify this, if you can do the speed limit of 100kph legally or illegally your welcome.

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  2. Weather permitting, I'm in.
    (Burgundy ZZR1100)
  3. What no platers that sounds like a challenge
  4. Lol................
  5. what about cruisers? :D
  6. Wanker...
  7. Some of us were just thinking it...
  8. Whats your problem mate?, i just dont want to be stopping every 10-15k's to let the P's and L's catch up, or putting the pressure on them to speed. If your keen on that your more than welcome.
  9. Might be better off to say 'not a L + P friendly ride'. ;) Much more politically correct.

    Although in saying that...I have a hunch that newbies like myself wouldn't be wanting to come along on a ride with someone who's new on the forums and they don't know anyway.

    Have fun, ride safe.
  10. Nothing. Yours was that you were gauging riders by a plate flapping off the rear of the bike, which is a bit stupid. I'm glad you've since clarified.
  11. U assumed i was guaging riders on their ability, dont you think thats jumping to conclusions a bit?? there are probably L platers out their that may have only just got their licence but have been riding on the track for years and are much better riders than you or I. So jumping out and calling people "wankers" because you have an issue with me not wanting to wait for law abiding L platers or P platers or putting the pressure on the ones that are willing do go over their speedlimit is a bit rich dont you think???

    You may have been better of asking why, and i may have been better off being a little bit more clearer on the issue.

    Coming from a moderator as well=D>
  12. I really dont see the difference it is a P+L plater Frendly ride if they ride to THEIR ability and with a group of people that are willing to go at the pace of the slowest rider.
  13. Ok let's get one thing clear in these forums,
    Moderators are free to discuss things as heartily and as disgustingly as anyone else on netrider. Using the moderator argument because you are miffed may earn you a holiday.
    You have come onto these forums not made a welcome post and are just trolling the forums for rides, nothing wrong with that btw but don't then go off all half cocked because you can't post your intentions clearly.
    indicates to me that maybe you should worry about your own riding and not whether someone on "plates" can keep up with you.
    How long have you been riding? what's your riding experience? etc etc, it may be wise to tell us more about yourself first.as you have ade a total of 8 posts and 4 of them are in this thread.
  14. ...well given that he's riding a VFR-800, he's not likely to be a novice, is he???

    Griffo, I thought you could have put your original disclaimer a bit better, but yak, you're repsonse was not appropriate for a Moderator, shame.....
  15. Trent arent you still on your plates :p.........................

    In saying that, I dont think anyones gonna be over taking you easily in your backyard and on the twisties :).
  16. Are we all aware that the majority of new NSW riders must now remain 'platers' for 3 years and 3 months? ...and what the hell does what bike you ride have to do with being a novice? If it's your first Putty ride, you're hardly going to be setting lap records eh?

  17. Your exactly right i came here trolling for rides and yeah 5 of my post have been in this forum trying to clear up an issue that was raised in rude manner, by a moderator. I did think trolling for rides and meeting people with the same interests was part of the idea of this site, my bad i am obviously wrong.

    "Moderators are free to discuss things as heartily and as disgustingly as anyone else on netrider." -Smee

    A moderator is supposed to enforce the rules of the forum check number 8 in your own forum rules and there is also a little thing in posting messages do's and dont's, so mate your wrong on that account.

    If you were to turn up to a open invitation ride with people you didnt know and you were on your L's and 10 k's into the ride you relised that these people were really starting to pull ahead because you wern't willing to sacrafice any points, wouldnt you feel pretty left out. Dont get me wrong here guys the putty road is a public road im not stopping anyone riding it.
    I just do not want to feel partly to blame if somone i was riding with got pulled over, or bad if someone was falling behind. Sure this can happen to a person with their full licence but id say there is a higher chance of it happening with someone on their L's or P's.

    Oh and sorry about not giving you my details im 24 been riding road since i was 17 and dirt for as long as i can remember I am no Rossi but id say im a confident rider and im sure you will forgive me for not giving my DOB or address.

    So next time some one posts somthing a little incorrect instead of shooting them down with slander maybe someone with a little more experience should give them some pointers.
  18. Doesn't matter what you reckon about mods IN THIS FORUM mods don't go by your opinion we are free to post as we like within the rules since yak posted here not as a mod them he is free to post as he likes he just then can't moderate on this thread so quit preaching as we have discussed this ad nauseum if you don't like it here there are other forums that may suit you better

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  19. Im picking up my refurbished bike on Saturday morning :dance: and probably heading up to Singleton via the putty with my old man for a moderate ride (first since the acco). Will keep an eye out for you lot. Safe riding.