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putty run May 7 (saturday) Sydney

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by yellowvtwin, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. figured id post this here and see who shows.............

    meet at mcgraths hill macca's (the one on windsor rd just before windosr) 8:30 for 9 leave willberforce for fuel up putty stop at halfway for food/drink/fuel whatever then on to broke for fuel (with maybe a 2nd run thur the twistie bit just for fun) wolli for lunch old rd road warriors home does that sound sweet any and all welcome even the R1 rider if he wants to .The the northies can head down the putty and meet us at the halfway house if they like or if there keen can meet us at the start

    If you want to come I will be the fella on the yellow storm 8)
  2. Not fair Putty Rd was one run we really wanted to do when in Sydney last October but we just ran out of time! Hope it's a gr8 run look forard to the ride report!
  3. Memories

    Ah the Putty Road
    Used to live at Denman in the 70's and got my first bike there, rode the wheels off it through the ten-mile for 7 years!!
    More recently, rode it LAST Saturday, surface is better than ever and it is a great ride, something different all the time (although the nervous nellies in the RTA have had a field day with the advisory speed signs)
    Tentatively, count me in (need to discuss first with the Minister for Finances and War)
  4. not many takers

    Hey yellowvtwin, I'm in, and it looks like my brother will be coming too
  5. I'm there in spirit mate.

    Unfortunately my body along with the rest of me will be having lunch with my GF and her Mum. :cry:

    Have a good run...
  6. putty ride

    Yep, I'm about 90% certain too. Love the Putty.
    Will check with MW&F as well.
  7. Is the ride still on????

    In light of the inclement weather, precipitation and the possibility thereof (sheesh, it just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?) is the ride still on tomorrow?
  8. yep still heading out :) even wash my bike