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Putty Road Video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Miraz, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Lazy Sunday afternoon on the Putty Rd

  2. looked like a nice ride but the fast forward is too much for me.
  3. ah, I learned to ride on that piece of road, 37 years ago, and if I had a dollar for every time I've ridden it.....
  4. youze was speeding want youze nice vid like to do it 1day
  5. I feel sea sick...
  6. What is it about that song that makes people want to do crap covers/remixes of it?

    I think I was talking to [MENTION=32906]kneedragon[/MENTION] about distorted lenses. Is this an example of what you meant?

    Decent vid miraz, didn't see the run down from colo heights in there though? hope you guys enjoyed the ride.
  7. It was actually a pretty relaxed run down the road, to the point where the real time video felt slow, so I thought I'd play about with the editing software and try to match a high speed version of it to some similarly abused music....hence the silly remix.

    The run down through colo heights was good, road is a bit rough in places at the moment though!
  8. Really? It's just been resealed...
  9. Between Halfway House and Colo there are some pretty rough stretches - the bit through colo is pretty good, and the northern half is beautiful with the exception of a little green moss on the road...
  10. Hey that was really cool, nice work.
  11. Yeah I enjoyed that Miraz. good work.

    Left sided helmet mount?
  12. looks like a good road.... its a bit of a hike to get there from my joint.. is there any fuel stops on that road ??? do you ride from windsor right through to singleton and back ?? whats the best way to go about ridding this road ???
  13. Yes - you can see the reflection in the visor on the right hand side of the image..
  14. Not much fuel in the middle bit. Fuel at wilberforce or windsor is a common strategy. There is fuel at Colo Hts IIRC. Then again at Singleton or Broke.

    The road is best done as a loop through Broke, not as far as Singleton and then back through Wollombi and the Old Pac. maybe Galston Gorge. Could alternatively go via Wisemans to get back to close to starting spot.
  15. I noticed the left side mounting as well. I've always wondered if that would be better than the right side where I put mine. When I pass other riders that I'm filming I think it would be better to have the cam on the left side.

    What do you think?
  16. My logic was if it was on the left, then I had a free hand available to operate the camera....if it was on the right, then it would more difficult to turn it on and off...