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Putty Road via Lithgow, Kandos and Denman

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. On Sunday myself, dom (idontlikemondays) and geoff (glixxer) went for a bit of a ride which turned into being a real adventure. We met up at McGraths Hill Maccas at 8am, and headed out along Bells Line of road to Lithgow maccas for some breakfast. Few spots of rain on the way but nothing too major.

    From Lithgow we headed up the road to Mudgee and turned off it just after Illford to Kandos. We stopped for a quick leak in the trees across the road from the police station at Kandos, and then headed up towards Bylong. We knew there was about 50km's of dirt road to go on, but dom told us that it was a tourist route there for the dirt road must be good quality. Boy were we wrong about that. The road turned to dirt and it looked awesome. I got around the corner to find 6 massive pottholes in a row, and sure enough I hit the first one, which meant i was stuffed for all 6. That part wasn't too bad, we just had to sit on around 40ish km/h going all over the roads to find a narrow track between all the potholes.

    I came off that first stretch of dirt road fish tailing with a massive :grin: on my face as I felt I really had just accomplished something, only to find why cbr250rr's are best left on the tarmac. I think it musta happened when i hit those massive potholes, but the left rear fender on my bike had come off at the end, and my inner boot, and everything below it including numberplate had sunk right down and on an angle :cry: . Bit of tape kept it together but it stayed on my mind for the rest of the day.

    We stopped for lunch in Bylong and headed off towards Denman. There was a lot more dirt in that section and it was ever worse. I generally didn't break 20km/h. It was kinda corugated and really rough. I was really worried bout my bike braking and how Geoff was holding up on his GSX-R600. Some parts we came practically to a standstill. Well, not dom, he was long gone having the time of his life. There were a few good tarmac bits between the dirt sections, including one mountains with a lotta 25km/h hairpins.

    Once we'd passed all the dirt Geoff let Dom have his first ride on a 600. It was a lotta fun watching dom crawl through the corners and then gas it on the straight. It wasn't too long after that that we had our biggest problem. In denman we stopped for fuel, and as we came into the petrol station, dom realised the gsx-r had a flat rear tyre. We used one of those can thingos with the foam in it to fill it up, and decided to go to my cousins house in Musswellbrook whilst we waited for Geoffs brother to make the trip up in his van from Sydney. Dom went home from there, he was feeling pretty tired (though not so tired he couldn't still do the old pac in the dark from brooklin :p ). Eventually Geoffs brother arrived with the van to put the gixer in, and we then headed for home, Geoff riding my bike mosta the way cos i was f*kked. Had been hopin i'd be back in sydney about 5pm, and I didn't get home until 2am. Missed out on Putty Road, but there'll be plenty more times in the near future :grin:

    And thats my story. Dom took lotsa photos which he's due to put up on here about this time next year :p

    Thanks for the ride guys, I had a lotta fun and would love to do it again, just maybe not those dirt roads between Kandos and Denman, they were fun, but once is enough for me whilst I still have cibby.


  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    good write up mate
    i wonder if i could put nobbies on my vtr?? :LOL:
    and going through brooklyn was meerly "fatigue management" and after 2 hours sleep the night before, i hit the couch like a sack of shit when i got home

  3. Sounds like shiteloads of fun.

    Would have been nice to have a dual-purpose for part of that though!
  4. Yer, well told. Maybe i should get nobbie/puncture proof tyres for the gixxer ha ha ha.
  5. It seems i may know what might have happened to my bike. Correct me if this isn't possible, but a guy I was talking to last night said he recons if i hit a bump hard enough (and i did hit 6 massive pothole in a row) that the back wheel can actually hit the bottom of the boot and knock it all outta place. Doesn't help me much noww, but at least i know if that is what happened i'm ok to go on those roads if i take it real easy when theres risk of those kinds of bumps.