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Putty Road Run

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Denial, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. I'm planning a trip from Crows Nest -> Windsor -> Putty Road -> Wiseman's Ferry -> Crows Nest with a few friends, mix of bikes and cagers. It will be my first time covering a lot of the route. Just wondering if anyone had any tips on the route?

    In particular, anyone got answers to any of these questions?

    * Is there anywhere decent open for a coffee/light breakky in Windsor around 7:30-8am on a Sunday
    * Anywhere else good for a break on the ride? I see that the Halfway House has burnt down, and I've had Wollombi pub suggested for lunch, any other ideas for a break or lunch?
    * Is Milbrodale Road fully sealed?
    * Any places on the route to watch out for for hazards, like crap on the road, unexpected road surface issues, etc?
    * What's the level of police activity on the route on a typical Sunday? I'm not planning on breaking any speed limits, but do I need to be super-careful?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers!
  2. The pub is usually pretty busy on nice sundays, I generally have lunch at Broke.

    Police regularly patrol putty, yes. May I remind you this is a public forum.

    Coming from Windsor, just before you come into wollombi theres a 1km dirt section which generally isn't too bad (although someone really should get around to surfacing it..).

    And yes, Milbrodale Road is sealed (coming from Windsor when you turn right at the end of it coming into broke, you'll see the Broke general store/servo from the intersection, on the left side of the road, can't miss it..)
  3. Anyone with a small tank needs to plan fuel stops carefully; there is no fuel between Wilberforce and Bulga (168 kms).
  4. OK, let's see if we can answer your questions.
    1. Yes, Maccas at McGrath's Hill if you're not particular. The little bakery in the middle of the pedestrian mall in Windsor itself is good value and open early.
    2. The servo at Broke is OK if you just want stuff to take away, but I'd hang out for Wollombi Pub. Much more congenial.
    3.Yes. (though it's pretty rough in places)
    4. Yes. The usual hazards of course, but the shadowed parts of the road can be a bit tricky early in the morning, especially if it's been dewy the night before. There are places in the 10 mile that don't see the sun at all, so be watchful there.
    5. Despite the fact that people keep talking about polic "blitzes" on the Putty, I've yet to see any representatives of NSW's finest on the road, weekend or mid-week in donkey's years of riding it. That's not to say they don't DO it, but I believe that the warnings are probably over-exaggerated. Certainly you'll be OK in the twisties as long as you don't go berserk. The real prbolem with the Putty is the nutters who do 160+ on the open stretches, hurrying to get to the twisty bits. As such, they deserve all they get.
  5. More like the ones that do 160+ and crash.
  6. Guys, thanks for the tips.

    I'm new back into riding after a long break, and riding a sportsbike with a fairly aggressive riding position, which is why I'm so interested in places for rest stops. I think I'm going to need them or my bike will turn into a rack by the end of the ride.

    I don't get the reference to this being a public forum. Is it off limits to talk about activity on a particular road? I do not plan to speed at all, as I said I'm new back to riding and I'm planning on a nice easy ride. I certainly won't be exceeding the speed limit on the straights. However I find it's more dangerous in the twisty bits to be looking down at the speedo on corner exits to double check I'm not a couple of k's over instead of focusing on staying smooth and looking at the exit and road surface ahead. I think I'm asking an innocuous question, especially compared to some other posts and some of the ads even.
  7. I have been up the Putty 2 or 3 times this year,on weekends and yes I always see an unmarked car sitting in the 10 mile,80k zone, somewhere,I treat it like the Old Rd,you can still have fun in the 35k corners by maintaining a high corner speed,you just have to be careful how hard you power out,its such a brilliant bit of road its easy to get excited and forget yourself though,keep an eye out for riders coming toward you,if there around you will know.
  8. Mmm, weird. Somehow my earlier post this morning seems to have disappeared. Surely we don't have censorship here do we??

    Anyway, in answer to the question. You don't have to worry about speeding and being caught if you're not speeding. Anyone with a quarter of an ounce of intelligence can figure that out. Thus, the fools who insist on doing 160+ while rushing to the next set of bends are ruining the Putty for all of us by bringing unwanted attention to our legitimate usage of a very nice piece of road.

    In the twisty stuff be aware that some of the advisory signs are fairly accurate and some wildly inaccurate. Whether this is by accident or design is anyone's guess, but I rode one section on Tuesday where a corner that was very easy was signposted at 55 and the one immediately afterwards which was a closing radius right-hander, was signposted at 65!!! Seriously.

    The Ten Mile is great fun but, as Zim said, just be conscious of keeping the "flow" going and you'll be fine. BTW, you shouldn't be looking at your speedo, mid-corner, you should be looking at what the next corner is going to be doing. Your inbuilt speedometer will tell you if you're doing OK.

    Your question about discussing matters of legality here simply can be answered by noting that it is an unspoken rule of public forums that such things are not discussed since we have no control over who may be reading them.
  9. I assure you this guy was not doing 160+.

    I will repeat what I said earlier, the people that are crashing are the problem. And unfortunately people crash all over the Putty, at all kinds of speeds and in all forms of vehicles.

    But I don't know, maybe it's a butterfly effect kind of thing. Maybe doing 160+ here, where the only witnesses are the trees, causes the destruction of an orphanage in some other part of the world.
  10. Talking about the men in blue's presence online isn't a good idea. Whether they are there, or not, etc. Would only take one 'journalist' from today tonight or similar to turn 'are there any pol on this road' to 'motorcyclists treat this area as a race track, more pol presence is required, these evil motorcyclists are putting people in danger, think of the children', etc. Keep that sort of talk offline.
  11. how bout this thread gets cleaned up a bit?
  12. You are joking, aren't you? It's informative and useful and the original poster has already said that he's got good use out of the information posted. Absolutely no need. Leave it alone.
  13. I was talking about phizog's point. the rest of the info is fine.
    you said it that it should remain unspoken yourself.