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Putty road ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by AndrewC, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Headed out for my first ride along putty road yesterday, just wanted to give some advice to new riders who wanted to go. I headed out during the week and started the ride around 9. There was hardly any traffic, the only traffic I got were tradies who wanted to tailgate me until they could take off at 150km around the bends
    My advice to people who haven't done putty before
    -be prepared for a long day, it took me about 9 hours from home to putty and back home( I'm slow I know)
    -don't order the bucket coffee at the grey gum cafe unless you have a good bladder, by the time I got to singleton I was busting
    -take food if you don't have much money to spend, most of the places along the road are expensive

    Obviously these are snack things, and putty road is a awesome ride. best thing for your confidence. learnt a lot about counter steering.
    Haven't seen a thread like this so thought I could add it to the millions of posts about putty

    Any advice for next time ? image. image. image.
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  2. A Goana eat all the food on a weekend camp and trail ride out there once,we went looking for this place called Putty to buy some food.There is a sign to it off the left to Putty.Its on the now gated Old North Convict Rd to Rylstone.Putty consists of half a dozen old houses ,most abandioned.No shops,food and probably no people.This was 25 years ago so maybe its changed
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  3. Its a good ride! did this last month with a mate. Are the road works still being done in the twisty section AndrewCAndrewC ?

    A pointer for people on putty, You lose your sense of speed as the road is 100 pretty the whole way. When pulling in the cafe where the photo is taken remember to ease up on the front brake... stories of people eating gravel as they pull in because of a lapse in judgement and not realizing its gravel at the entrance. And also there is a bump in the road in the twisty section coming back from singleton about 5-10km into the twisties (last time had some paint on it) DONT HIT IT, made me run wide clipping the opposite lanes middle line... other then that its a lot of fun but can be boring being mostly straight and 100Kmph :(

    AndrewCAndrewC have you tried spring wood road? mac pass?

    Also maybe post your photos in the "photos from your ride thread" if you haven't already done it :)
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  4. Yeah there were still road works through some parts. I tried to follow all the speeds shown on the signs on the way there and was more adventurous on the way back after seeing the road, had a few bad corners where I ran wide
    Yeah there's a lot of gravel at the entrance to the cafe, good point i forgot to mention
  5. oooo man, gotta be careful running wide... Im super careful and constantly have the words "if you cant see around the corner dont push it" running through my mind one of many good pieces of advice ive gotten from here :)
  6. Yeah for sure, wasn't happy with myself. Fixed it up on the way back. It's a good road to learn where you have holes in your technique
  7. Tip: Never leave your lid on a skinny seat for any reason.

    You'll only do this until you unfortunately knock your bike as you turn for something and nano seconds later hear the stomach churning thud as your lid bounces on the floor. That's why they invented foot pegs ;)

    Looks like you had a good ride
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  8. Good advice. First time Ive done this and won't do it again now
    Yeah it was a nice ride
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  9. The throttle is on the right. 9 hours? We're you pushing the bike??

    Come for a run up there one weekday and we will do some cornering techniques. ;) I'll also take you to Broke instead of Singleton.
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  10. At this time of year, what scares me on the Putty Rd is Moss on the road in the shaded sections. Moss is the green stuff and can be damp, wet and quite slippery.
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  11. It took me awhile to get to Wilberforce and then from there back home. Had a few decent stop too. But I do ride very cautiously
  12. Yeah plenty of moss on the roads yesterday
  13. T
    Think the Putty is bad, you should see the Nasho!
  14. Old is pretty hairy in a couple of places too, at the moment. Wet winter this year I reckon.
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  15. Not too sure I agree. I'm from the view that if you run wide on a public road you fortunate to be around to tell the tale. Better to learn how to fix that technical problem on a closed track or maybe a mentor. Alternatively let us know before you head out again that way;)
  16. Yeah I know it's not good, but i was able to slow down and fix up my cornering and slowly speed up my turns. But I agree that some track time or some guidance wouldn't hurt at all
  17. Check out the mentoring thread.
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  18. AndrewCAndrewC good on you for having a nice leisurely ride along the Putty :)
    Nothing wrong with taking it easy but be kind to yourself as well and start small and grow incrementally...do a little ride well rather than a big long ride with only luck getting you home in one piece...I write from experience.
    If you are running wide on corners think about where you are looking with your head as well...I have learnt very very well that your head placement is where you really do end up...almost like a party trick but a potentially nasty one :(
    but +1 to WombleWomble and mentoring
    It is invaluable with the right person as I have been fortunate enough to have experienced. Without magic Womble I would not be riding now...
    I have learnt so so much but still have an awful lot to still learn...I still pinch myself not only because I like pinching myself but also because I still can't believe I get out and ride with the wind on a bike by myself :D
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  19. Putty is a great road, for an alternative route you can head to broke & take the road into Wollombi. It can be a bit narrow in some sections but its a fun road. You can then either head back to sydney on the OPH or take the wisemans ferry route. Makes for a reasonable ride at the end of the day but thats not a bad thing :)
  20. I'm a month old newbie, done a few rides out towards Paterson, Maitland Vale Rd and the like. Putty road seems to be the talk I'm curious but must admit a little doubtful as I lack experience and heard it can get a bit hazardous out that way speeding cagers and hazardous road conditions.