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Putty Road moss

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Senator17, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. On our ride yesterday 13th July 2014, I noticed alot of moss on the road in some shady areas not getting any winter sun. On one of these patches it looked like someone had come off and scraped their butts through the moss. There was debris on the edge of the road outside the curve, but it looked like the accident had been cleared up some time ago.

    So watch out for the slippery green stuff.

  2. We saw same out on our Sunday ride in Melbourne's nearby ranges, lots of moss. That's why its better to ride at night, then you cant' see it (like on Tuesday night on same road :nailbiting:), so it cant hurt you :facepalm: That shite is invisible at night.
  3. A recurrent problem on the Putty, good reminder
  4. The far northern end of The Old Rd deep in the valley up near Gosford is the same.Seeing it gets your attention but I haven't experienced any lack of traction.Wouldn't like to try it in the wet though
  5. Is that the part called "The Slab", as we didn't go that way yesterday. But I don't recall seeing any moss on the Old rd where we went.
  6. Yes, there is a reasonable sized bridge into the valley there with a far bit of green road on the northern end.Hard to pick if its wet as well as the bitumen is very black.Made me laugh,serious discussion re road surface,think the car boys do that.
  7. Well worth being very cautious at the slab end of the old road in winter. I normally do a couple of sighting passes if i'm staying at that end. If it's too slippery, move back to the PITS end.
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