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Putty Road Half Way House Burnt Down

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by althasaur, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. OK did a search could not find anything current.

    (NSW) Halfway House burnt down
    Apparently the Halfway House on Putty road burnt down last night.

    Found this on another forum.

    Hope no one gets caught out today.

    edited Updated Title.
  2. sounds like u need to go for a ride to check it out :grin:
  3. Yeah tis closed. :facepalm:

    Could lead to a lot of people being left short of fuel.
  4. source?
  5. Another NR member who was standing out the front of it. :p
  6. Nah thanks, mustard please ;)
  7. grow up vic :grin: :grin:
  8. (NSW) Halfway House, Putty Road burnt down

    would be a better heading
  9. That will be a real shame if it's true. The middle-aged couple who took the place over a couple of years ago, after years and years or indifferent ownership, are really nice people. They've worked hard to upgrade the place including putting in the covered area outside and the landscaping. The service is always friendly and the food good quality, and served with a smile.

    The only thing they haven't been able to achieve is fair fuel prices, the HH still being one of the most expensive places to gas up anywhere along that route. I'm sure if they could have done something about that, they would have, too.

    Let's hope they were insured.

  10. might be the magic question, might of been going broke :shock:

    only my way of thinking from my twisted mind :grin:
  11. Yeah, I know, the thought crossed mine, too..
  12. There was footage of it on the early news this morning..totally engulfed in flames. Didn't give any real details though.

    Sad to hear..
  13. Taken from another forum..

  14. That's very sad, the West Aussie couple who bought it had worked really hard at building it up. I only hope it's a legit fire, as others have also suggested. If Garland Valley closes permanently, there will be no petrol between Wilberforce and Bulga.
  15. That's really sad to hear, I was there only 2 weeks ago. If it was a big corporate servo I wouldn't care but it appeared to be a family owned business and the owners were always nice. I hope it gets fixed up how it was instead of another boring faceless place.
  16. ahh well, netrider earns millions every year in revenue :shock: :shock: time to open up some netrider stores
  17. +1.

    Was there with the Buellers on Saturday, very sad scene. I spoke to the police officer, and apparently the fire happened when John, Rhonda and Sherry (I think her name is? Their daughter?) were out, which is good news. They are a lovely family, took care of my WeeBR when I crashed it at the Putty a while back.

    That said though, the fire comes at an interesting time… my understanding is that HWH was up for sale.. saw the ad on another forum….. :|
  18. Very sad to see.....it's always nice for a stop there and a hot chocky.

    Glad everyone is ok though....that is the main thing.

    Let's hope they are able to rebuild.
  19. The fuel pumps look as if they may work