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NSW Putty Road Crackdown

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. To all you Mexicans - just read this and thought y'all might be interested.

    Police target riders speeding on Putty Road - Motorbike Writer

    Looks like the long arm of the law is going to be keeping a closer eye than normal!

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  2. Thanks for the heads up, last time I was on this road I got up to some scary speeds..
  3. Whoever's the guy behind the scenes (maybe government) telling these officers to gain revenue really need to p**s off.
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  4. the coroner? :D
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  5. Nah. It's really up to us to know when a police officer is there to not really look out for you but for your wallet.
  6. Ooh I'd like me that Ducati in the picture, both of them.
    Seriously though this is a bummer, I've been planning on doing the loop again soon.
    Lucky I have my secret roads that I'm yet to ever see a cop on :D
  7. "marked and unmarked Highway Patrol cars, police motorcycles and aircraft for aerial surveillance"

    Meanwhile, in Sydney CBD, every day I see drivers on their phone, speeding, cutting people off and not using indicators but there's not a cop within 20kms

    Should be renamed to Operation Wasted Resources
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  8. This sucks arse. A lot of the road had been reduced to 80 and I have to use it for occassionally. If you stick to 80 it's a bloody boaring road.
  9. Too many idiots coming unstuck in recent months in the whole Hunter region....
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  10. You are probably right oldcorollas.
    I dont always stick to the speed limit but I consider the circumstances. On the roads between Newcastle and Moree
    I will do well over the speed limit when I am in open country and even while towing a trailer.
    I have also exceeded the limit on Thunderbolts Way in areas that are safe (shock/horror).
    I have also ridden the Old Pacific Hwy on the NSW Central Coast but knowing how much attention it gets from the cops i stuck to
    or near the limit and found the scenery good but the ride was boring.
    The main reason for reduced speed limits and intensive police attention, particularly on weekends, is because of all the boy racers coming out of Sydney
    and killing or injuring themselves or others.
    This applies to car drivers as well. A friends sister and BIL got taken out by a car on the wrong side of the road about 2 months ago.
    The police, ambulance service, Westpac chopper and RFS brigades are sick of scraping people off the road.
    If you can afford the bike and all the gear you can afford a track day.
    If you fcuk up on the track because you are not as good as you think there is a good chance you might survive because there are runoff areas
    instead of armco and trees.
    Don't put my life or that of my friends and others in jeopardy by using public roads as your personal racetrack.
    Let the flames begin.
  11. I rode the Putty from Wilberforce to Milbrodale on Friday and didn't see one single Police vehicle.....
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  12. There's scenery on the old PAC hwy ? Wow, Its all blurry for me ;-)