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Putty Rd. & Wollombi Rd. Keep Riding!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Sven, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Riders from the Sydney region know and love the Putty Road and the Wollombi Road. They make a great loop: ride out of Sydney on one road, have lunch in Bulga, Wollombi, Singleton or wherever takes your fancy, then ride back on the other road.

    I sometimes use those roads to go places, so I have to extend the ride.

    Take the Putty or Wollombi road to Singleton. The Putty is my preference from the two and it's only behind the Oxley Highway as my favourite riding road.

    From Singleton, take the Gresford Road and Glendonbrrok Road to Gresford. The rural scenery is nice and there are lots of fast corners.

    Next take the Bingleburra Road, Sugarloaf Road and Wangat Road to Dungog. You'll enjoy a few tighter corners over a little mountain pass with magnificent views.

    From Dungog, take the Stroud Hill Road to Stroud for a mixture of tight, windy corners and fast, flowing corners.

    You'll now be on the Buckett's Way, a decent enough motorcycle road in itself and very well suited to cruising. From there, either turn back or go on in whatever direction you like.

    A word of warning though: this would be one of the country's best motorcycle routes if it wasn't for the diabolical surface. It's been repaired so many times that it's sometimes difficult to find any original asphalt. Irregularities often appear mid corner and these could easily bring the ambitious rider to grief. These roads are a marked change from the generally agreeable surface on the Putty Road. We're often (correctly) told that the road is not a racetrack. Even if you could remove the farm trucks and Camrys, these roads make that point very clearly!

    Low quality surace aside, it's still a nice ride. Enjoy!

  2. The surface is really bad around Dungong,they patch the patchs.
  3. Ride on to Gloucester and turn right onto Thunderbolt's Way, although recent reports are that the surface on that road is pretty crumby these days too.....
  4. Thanks for posting this up Sven. That is a magic loop, and you have given me some good ideas for extending it.
    Did the loop today: out of Sydney to Wisemans Ferry, Spencer and then a quick break at Kulnura. On to Cessnock for fuel, and then to Broke. (Can go direct from Wollombi to Broke but the road surface is appalling. Went through it with a mate a few weeks ago and potholes were swallowing trucks. He went in one hard and blew rear tyre, and buckled rear wheel).
    Broke across to the Putty Road is long sweeping bends, set at $0.80, but you could easily spend over $1.00 for the sweetest ride. That short section (Millbrodale Road) is worth the loop alone. And then back down the Putty for lunch at the Grey Gum cafe. Bit of a slow ride today with caravans and swivel heads but as Sven says a great ride, and today's weather was just about perfect.