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Putty Rd Sunday 6/11

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Moby78, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Starting a new thread to hopefully get more riders along.

    Ride will take place this Sunday 6/11

    Meeting at McGraths Hill Maccas at 9am leaving at 9.30am

    Riding up the Putty Rd to Grey Gums Cafe

    Reason:See thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=126904

    For those that want to sign but cant make it here is the petition.


    Origionally posted by....Colr6

    " Hi all,

    I have received some disturbing news regarding the cafe on putty rd. My dad gets the Ulysses news letter and the following article was printed:

    Message from Kim from Grey Gums Café – Petition to keep Grey Gums Trading - Hi Chris, many thanks for your help… we love you Hills guys. As mentioned to you when I called, SINGLETON COUNCIL have instructed the “GREY GUM CAFE” to CEASE TRADING. This is because the RTA have decided that at OUR EXPENSE we have to provide a “PASSING LANE” (BAR Treatment) on the main Putty Road, despite us providing under instruction from COUNCIL and RTA (again at our expense) a ROAD TRAFFIC IMPACT STUDY and ROAD SAFETY AUDIT - both of which say this is totally unnecessary.

    If you feel that the Putty Road is a safer place for the GREY GUM CAFE being here as is, will your Hills Branch please sign our Petition in support of our cause.

    Rory was here yesterday and he took a couple with him as well and a few of the Hills regulars have already signed the Petition at our Café. I don't care how it comes back - fax to 02 6579 7058, individually emailed or mailed to 8679 Putty Rd, Putty. NSW. 2330. I am supposed to cease trading as of this Wednesday. Let everyone know I'm not going anywhere. I am not closing this business. I am preparing a submission for George Souris our local member and once that is done I'm going to the council with my lawyer and then I will hit the media if there are no concessions. I am confident that I am on sound ground. Thanks a million for your support. Kind Regards, Kim (Grey Gums Café)

    Does anybody have any further information on this?
    If anybody is riding this road could they please stop in and sign the petition. It would be sad to see this place close down.
    I have also sent them an email asking if there is a PDF version of the partition so others can sign and send back. I will let you know how it goes. "

    I have never been on this road before, so am requesting one of you guys to call Kim 02 6579 7015 with an approximate time we will be there and to make sure they are still trading or at least can meet with us so we can sign the petition.

    Think thats everything, please add anything I've missed.
  2. count me in. as per my post in the original thread
  3. I am definitely going up the putty on sunday, but will prob go earlier. If not will join you at 9.
    Kim still intends to be open, but will need to check over next couple of days, esp if council decides to force the issue.
  4. I'll probably be half hour later than everyone else, but I'll be there to sign it.
  5. Me and a couple of others will be at the Gray Gums on Sunday,we were going on The Rocker Run to the Gong but with 10,000 pushbikes heading that way sence was seen.Be there about lunch time.
  6. Hey was good to meet you all :)
  7. indeed it was

    I'm assuming you're the GSX-1000 (or, perhaps, the Triumph :LOL:???)