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Putty Rd on weekends

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DYG58, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Thinking about doing the Putty Rd near Sydney on a weekend but have been told that it can be very crowded. Lots of boy racer types causing problems, accidents etc. Is this true? Can anyone help me? I just want to do a cruise that’s not the old Pacific H ‘way!
    Any recommendations?
    I’m coming from the Northern Beaches.

  2. It's a good run if you get out early enough. When we used to cruise there (30+ BMW cages), we'd hit Windsor by 8am and go. Usually wouldn't have any traffic.

    Last time I ran Putty was night-time October last year and there was hardly anyone on it - but be careful, trucks DO use Putty and can be a little liberal in their determination of where the centreline is.

    If you're with a few others, head off early and not being a twat, you should be fine.
  3. Have you tried West Head?
    It's only a few K's up the road from Dee Why.

    Start at the top of McCarrs Creek road, head towards Akuna Bay and turn off to West Head.

    It's a mix of everything from 200KPH sweepers on perfect Tarmac*, to tight 25KPH hairpins on shitty tarmac.

    *I don't do these speeds on West Head Road.
  4. If you are going to do the Putty then from Dee Why you should get to the Windsor end by going through Galston Gorge on the way(Starts near Hornsby). Look it up on Google Maps...Worth a look...

    Kobo :cool:
  5. Sorry to pass this on but its a lottery,sometimes its busy,sometimes it rains,sometimes there is road works and sometimes there are caravans,slow trucks and even large bunch's of Harley's.Time to buy a ticket and take your chances with the rest of us.
  6. As @Kobo said you can go through galston gorge or berowra ferry and do a loop putty broke, wollombi, somersby then come home on the old rd.

    I travelled the putty probably about 4 weeks ago and no probs. Thoe they are doing some road works about two thirds of the way up, but generally a good surface.

    I just hope you get a clear run for the top set of twisties :)

    Just be aware if you do that loop I suggested that the rd from broke to Wollombi is fairly narrow, due to overgrowth.
  7. @DYG58 I live in NW subs and do the Putty prob 1-2 times per month, usually weekends. Weekdays I have the road to myself. I usually get out of Windsor by 8.30 or 9 and have a clear run up to the Grey Gum. Coffee and ride home encounters individual riders and groups of bikes, some of whom are working near their limits. The camaraderie at the Grey Gum is worth the ride.
    A sunny day will bring out hundreds of bikes but remember they are spread out along 150k of road. There are a few places where you can get caught up behind a slow bike or truck, but this gives you an opportunity to work on (say) taking a line through corners at constant speed and no brakes, etc. Enjoy the ride and the road.
    Big tip if you're not quick: keep an eye on your mirror and let the faster riders through. A Panigale suddenly flashing past out of nowhere can give you a shock
  8. thanks everybody. Done west head many times, it's the push bikes domain. The Galston Gorge run sounds like the go. Day off on Friday, I'll give it a go.
  9. Galston gorge on the Hornsby side is tight,180deg 15kph bends.Not exactly charging corners,there is a huge water tank on the big intersection at the start.After a while you hit a T intersection,turn right to Wisemans and soon left onto Catti Rd,Then you arrive at the outskirts of Windsor.Turn right go up the hill and over the bridge and thats the start of The Putty.Not to start a war but the big Putty Loop is probably the best run out of Sydney.Get fuel soon after Windsor,its a long way to Broke,1st fuel out there.Take a map or GPS,once your on The Putty its fine but getting there that way has a few diversions.
  10. Go to putty from akuna bay, up pac highway to berowa down b.waters over cattai ridge and into mcgrath hill, then up putty, turn right at the end, down broke, wollumbi, old road, akuna bay, home.

    Weekend is fine, go when it looks like rain and it will be empty.
  11. It is funny that people are worried about being taken out by other bikes, you are statistically much more likely to die in a single vehicle collision than be killed by another rider.

    Worry about your own riding.
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  12. If you get a dry day; Bells Line of Road is good to Lithgow, can get a bit hairy in the wet.

    Not as crowded as some roads but gets plenty of twisty fun for a rider.
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