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putty pointing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by j3z3z, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. on saturday me and my mate went for a cruise from singleton to the putty halfway house in my crx my mate was driving. Anyways on the way back as we left the half way house some bike riders were leaving so we let them leave 1st (R1s hyosungs cbrs as such) thinking they would just hoon off wich they did... anyways we were out for a spirited run and as we got near 10mile (16km of winding road) a bussa and i believe a nsr came up behind us and tail gaited. Anyways we started to loose them into the 10mile and we came upon the group we let leave. They were over taking traffic on doubles and by no means were doing the legal speedlimit. Anyways we passed traffic when available and always caught them and at the traffic the bussa and nsr would catch up and tailgait. At the end of the 10mile they took off at speed with the bussa and nsr up our ass not passing. Anyways coming around a blind sweeper doing the SPEED LIMIT the 1st group was pulling over heavily right on the exit or the corner (very stupid idea) we hit the breaks and and swerved and continued driving. Then the group came up our ass and tailgaited heavily. then a rider on i believe a red CBR rode up beside us and made a shooting symbol with his hand towards my mate. then rode infront of us slowly. What the hell this mean? We done nothing wrong that they didnt do them selves? Infact if it was towards us as holding them up or drivin fast, my car is built for corners and they held us up I KNOW we can go faster through the 10mile

  2. Some people are just born stupid.

    Some of them ride bikes, others drive cars, and still others drive 4WDs.
  3. That's because the group riding were the f**kwit group.

    I would've given him the finger.
    Jackasses will only be jackasses.
    I guess you can only pray they'll get an arm taken out in an accident, but then again, that'd be kinda too cruel, and you'd be labelled as a jackass too. :p
  4. Looks like a troll, talks like a troll, walks like a troll.
    Must be a duck.

  5. can you describe your CRX for us ?

    whats the exhaust tip diameter ?
    how about the sticker(s) combination ?
    and your numberplates ? are you SIRCRX, SIKCRX, CRXBOI, CRSEXY, CRX08U ???? :rofl: or something way out there like XCUZME ?? :LOL:
  6. I saw a car that this post reminded me so much of this morning walking to work I just had to take a picture of it with my phone. hehe

  7. Koma's nailed it.......
  8. dont know if you want to make a joke out of it but
    its a import
    light wieght 14" 3 piece rims
    stripped interior
    strut braces front and rear
    full set of coilovers $900 a piece
    (i dont use fart cannons) also full stainless 2.5" front to back tanabe sports muffler exhaust tip is only 2.5"
    close ratio ys1 gearbox with lsd
    and number plate is just a random plate issued by the RTA
    Its a track car not a show car
  9. Hey the new fast and the furious movie is out why don't you go and watch that ;)
  10. See, now HE'LL tell you he can't because his grandma is watching Torque and the thread will go downhill from there... :p
  11. No i wont cause i am not an idiot. I apreciate bikes and bikers, i had ridden bikes every now and then until i shattered my knee. All i did was explain what happened and wondering why he pretended to shoot us. Its unfortunate that no one on here seems to want to be serious.
  12. Man, I was joking :)

    sonja already explained it in the first reply.
    Come up with any reason you want:

    - "The guy wasn't happy you overtook."
    - "The guy is jealous of your car."
    - "The guy has lost 3 fingers on one hand and was only trying to give you a friendly wave."

    You know you didn't give the guy a good reason to do what he did, so the most likely scenario is he didn't HAVE a good reason to do what he did.

    Good on you for looking out for riders though. Plenty of people don't.
  13. No one is being serious because how would anyone on here have a fcuking clue whats going on in someone elses head??

    The guy was probably sleep riding and thought he was in the wild west and was signaling you to pull over so he could meet your mate and get to know him (Brokeback Mountain style) :?
  14. They were a gang, like in the fast and the furious.
    You know, when they shoot the fully sick car for being on their turf.

    pow, if your car had NOS it would have exploded in a blue fireball. Lucky.
  15. :eek: . . . Johnny Tran is cruising Putty !!

    He might have wanted to put a SR20 engine in your Civic ! :rofl:
  16. Fully SIC!!

    TROLL...or bell-end!!
  17. haha mickyb it aint a del sol civic (crx rip off) its a real crx no civic involved
  18. CRX = Civic Racing eXperiment
  19. i suppose this isnt a good time to mention i also just brought a new car, honda prelude, 4" exhaust tip. GReddy stickers up the side and on the rear window (no turbo yet) and its got 2 subs in the boot. and 9 subs in the cabin. and 17 subs on the roof, for just incase.
  20. I have a VN Commodore with neons under the seats :LOL: