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Putty Loop, Old Road, Wollombie, Broke, Putty - Saturday 4th December

Discussion in 'NSW' started by goz, Nov 29, 2010.


    Back to bed people


  2. Sweet.

    Anyone else from the West going? Zaphod69 & Trent112??

    Meet at BP Mamre Rd next to Maccas to leave at 07:30 via M4 and M2.

    Can take another route, but we'll no doubt have to leave earlier.
    (will do it but not thrilled, as I'll be a day into coming off night shift)
  3. I wish i could finn but im busy which sucks its such a good run
  4. Goz,

    I'm out *sigh* bloody xmas party time I totally forgot about, I was so looking forward to this one.

    Cheers Paul.
  5. *sighs...*
    If only i want still on the 250 and working 6 nights a week...
  6. Hey Goz, I will be up for this as I'm riding to Newcastle this Saturday, I guess the best option for me would be to turn right at Wollombi Rd and follow that to Newy? Do you know how long it will take to get to that point?
    Cheers mate
  7. Goz this sounds good - I've been wanting to check out the Putty Rd. But I'm now in a dilemma as to whether todo this run or chromes KV the following week. Too much to do at home and not enough time alas...

    Put me down as a maybe, to meet for brekkie at Road Warriors. What time there?
  8. I'll do my best to show up. I'll be heading up from Dee Why so if anyone wants to rendezvous from this area lemme know.
  9. I will be coming from Mona Vale...
  10. tentatively i'm in

    however i'd need a halfway fuel stop due to the peanut sized fuel tank (230k range)
  11. There is fuel at the lunch stop in Broke...

  12. id say on a good clear run from wollombi, just over an hour

    and from berowra to wollombi, give it 2 hours with a breakfast stop

  13. say around 9:15am
  14. It's a big maybe for me, hoping to get my bike back from the work shop this week

    '04 VT750 Shadow
  15. Woot! Looking forward to this ride! Please count me in
  16. put me down as a maybe.

    I thought you werent going to be organizing anymore rides goz?? :p:p
  17. Man I'm spewing I cant come to this :(
  18. kangaroo valley will be just as good, even though i reckon this 1 will get cancelled due to weather
  19. I'm free sunday *grin*