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Putty for Brunch - my first report...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by NiteKreeper, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. 20 years ago I lived at Richmond and rode a RD250LC; Bells Line/Putty were my playground. Pretty rough back then, but great fun on the right day.
    I've been thinking about those roads a lot lately, and when Mav posted of a new cafe halfway up the Putty my mind was made up.
    Yesterday I treated the old girl (my '89 Spada, not mum!) to a new set of filters and plugs, fresh oil, and a chain service - she was raring to go too.
    Hit the road at 8.30 this morning and was almost-instantly treated: Onto King Georges and I get a copper waving his finger at me for filtering in an orderly fashion...
    Around the Hills area I pull alongside a Hilux with a Staffy hanging out the passenger side - I lift my visor and stick my chin out like him - driver cracks up and I'm sure staffy gets me and smiles - I think of someone's sig on the topic...;)

    From there to Wilberforce it's uneventful...
    At Wilberforce I top up the tank and chat to a cuppla bikers from Nowra - they know nothing of the proposal for a racing circuit down there...

    Wilberforce to the Cafe is an easy ride - it's fairly bumpy over $1.00, but wide and solid. I actually managed a PB outta the Spada on a straight!

    The Cafe is great, with friendly bikers and good food and coffee. Had a good chat to an old fella over breakfast - he rode in on a busa and wasn't sparing it on the way out!

    The road back down was as expected: very fast and easily navigable, but quite bumpy in places. My girl got the headshakes more than once, which I quite enjoyed (loose elbows and wrists, people - let her shake...).
    Bettered my new PB on the same straight - not bad for a 30yo 250!

    Around Colo I got caught behind traffic, but the cage in front of me happened to be a black Lambo. I didn't mind at all, but disturbingly it reminded me of Nickers! That's your car my man...

    Finally as I was heading through the 'burbs, a trio caught up to me on high powered sports bikes - as soon as they saw the GoPro on my tank, the show was on! I was treated to many wheelies, and a rather impressive cloud of smoke that I rode through.

    What a phucken great ride! THIS is why I do it...
    I'm sorting out the GoPro footage now (might have a problem here...), and will post some supportive caps soon...
  2. Putty Road is the shit. :D

    Looking forward to the footage.
  3. Sounds good mate. I'm also keen in seeing your professionally-produced footage :)
  4. Hmmm problems with my GoPro - it cut the video into 3 pieces, and even watching the raw stuff crashes my PC dead...
    I've managed to scan through for a couple of caps though, cos I really wanted Nickers to see his new cage:

    "I can make my bike go like this - wanna see?"

  5. Good write up.

    Wonder if those guys realised this would end up on a public forum? LOL
  6. That bloke's eyes lit up when I confirmed it was a video camera and promised it'd be on YouTube in a few hours (and now I've let him down...)
    In the middle photo he's actually saying something along the lines of "This isn't even my bike, so I'm not used to it..."
  7. Bloody squids
  8. NiteKreeper,
    Really mate, about 'my new cage' ....Shucks !!!! You shouldn'thave :D

    Let me guess though mate - in the driver's seat was a HOT babe (insert blonde/brunette to each person's taste) in tight black skin tight leathers, high heels and her Gucci 'I want sex' shades....

    Where's THAT pic dude ?

  9. Couldn't see a thing mate, but you're telling a great story :D