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Putting the phizzzzzz back into phizogs ZZR!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bob59, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Hope jared dosnt mind me posting this up, just thought i would give him and i guess any one interested a blow by blow account of the resurection of his ZZR. First off is the repairing of gravel rash, thanks to wet and slippery roads




    Then comes the putting on of colour .

    Champagne silver pearl done , time to mask off areas to remain champagne and apply white Three layer Pearl.



    Next up Add Three Generouse coats of 2K Clear to all parts




    and there ya go Jared (AKA Phizog is back on the road )

  2. Beautiful work there mate, looks factory
  3. That white colour looks awesome! Always wished there were more white bikes about.
  4. wow awesome work
  5. Looks pretty awesome Jared.
    Can't wait to see it all back on the bike.

    Bob, you are the Master of paint work matey !!!!
  6. u can help me with mine for a carton of beer
  7. damn that's awesome bob!

    where did you get the paint codes for the ZZR? my girlfriends got that awesome electric blue colour and it's all scratched up :(
  8. I didnt get codes mate i matched them. a lot of mc paint codes today are of little to no use as bike makers want to sell pre painted panels and as such dont put too much effort into there paint formulas.
  9. Looks good from a distance, will be great to see it up close.

    Nothing like a bit of free advertising....
  10. Its not advertising tweet, i dont do it for a living anymore. Was posted for jared to see the steps and result !
  11. +100

    Very cool to see how its done, especially when its your own :D
  12. Wasn't having a dig..

    It's great you are helping Phiz out, and I dare say saving him a few beans..
  13. Hey nice work. Love the white and champagn together looks really good.

    Wish I had the gear to spray paint. I do little bits and peices like laptops and general computer junk using $8 spray cans (must be a nice $8 one). Gomes out looking like I bought it the colour I sprayed it.

    I see super cheap has some spray gear for cheap, what would you suggest buying for someone who wants to just paint a few things like furniture and stuff?
  14. Not sure if cheap will always work - it was $250 just for the paint for the above! :)
  15. gday droy333, mate if you want to do a reasonable job i recomend no less than an 8CFM compressor and for what you are talking about painting probably an iwata or meji even suction feed spray gun (set up for acrylic ). Theres an old saying a tradesman is only as good as his tools and it is actually Quite true. but as i said if you wanted to do some painting as a pass time or hobby that would be my recomendation, I use my 15CFM compressor and i have top of the line Gravity feed both HVLP and conventional as well as suction feed only because they were my guns when i was working for smash repairs etc .
    Cheers Bob
  16. +1

    that looks awesome. i have been thinking lately that when i upgrade my rg i would like to keep it and progressively make her pretty like she was 24 odd years ago, maybe even better with a metal flake in the white. but first i'd need to copy the old fairings into fibreglass as the binder in the current ones has perished. quick question does anybody know if TAFE or a community college do intro to fibreglassing courses or for that matter intro to painting motorcycle fairings :LOL: