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putting the bike into hibernation

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kezza01, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. well, i've been told - no bike for a month - no options, do not pass go, do not collect $200, no correspondence will be entered into.

    so, what do i do to make sure my baby sleeps comfortably for the next month and will turn on ok when i can get back?

    help please.......
  2. Fill up your tank, turn fuel off, buy and install a battery tender

    One month is nothing for a bike to stand in a warm climate

    Enjoy the next ride
  3. The only problem you would come across in that time frame is the battery. Just disconnect the positive terminal and it will start up no problems in a months time. My old bike has been sitting for over a month and started first time the other day once I connected the battery up again.
  4. If you have carburettors it would be a good idea to turn off the fuel tap drain the carbs (or run the bike until it goes dry and stalls). Then drain the petrol tank *or* fill it all the way.

    When you come back to the bike you will turn on the fuel tap and get fresh fuel that has not gone stale from exposure to air. Maybe put a streamer on the fuel tap or a postit on your speedo to remind you to turn the tap back on.

    Disconnecting the battery (like MA just said) is also a good idea.
    For some bikes/batteries you may need to charge the battery after 2 weeks to a month, but if its a good quality battery in good condition you'll get by just fine.

    Now would be a good time to wash all the crap off.

    Don't forget to check your tyre pressures when you get back on.
  5. Having a battery tender (as mentioned above) would take care of that and I believe be better for the battery?

    Using "winteri*" as the search word I got:





    :grin: Wishing you the best Kezza *HUGS* :grin: :grin:
  6. Yeah no doubt it would be better, although I doubt to a noticeable degree.
    Would fuel really go stale after a month, I mean sure the residue in the carbi, what about in a tank though?
  7. poor kerry. :cry: 1 month isnt so bad you bike will befine witha full tank of petrol.. if you didn't want to get a battery tender you could just disconnect the negative lead and put a cover over it...

    I think the gecko's will take over ownership for while...
  8. Nothing. One month is fine. Batteries start to go south after about 2-3 months. Fuel will last you about 6 months in the tank. But you could disconnect it.

    Do not drain the tank as the residual will evaporate and gum up.
    Filling right up is a good idea (less oxidation surface area).
  9. I've recently done the one month enforced walk. I did absolutely nothing in that month except start it up for a short warm up at the two week mark. Fired straight up , as it did after the month.
  10. Kez, start it and warm up totally every week. easy
  11. 1 month ??

    do nothing

    park it ,

    in a month , check the tyre pressures and go for a ride
  12. I think I would start it on one of the weekend days and run it for 10 mins (fast idle), that way everything is still getting lubed (internally) and the battery is charging.

    You can also enjoy the sound and the smell if its in a closed in garage heheh
    Sorry to hear of the health probs Kez .. get wll soon

  13. Hmm I was told that warming a bike and not taking it for a ride does more harm than good when I asked on here last year... :?: :?: :?
  14. What happened kezza01 are you going to jail for a month! :eek:
  15. im going to take a stab in the dark and ask if you are either:
    a: going to jail for a month
    b: bike confiscated for a month.

    if a, then just park it and get someone to start it up at week 2 and idel it (or ride it if you trust them) till warm.
    if b, then i dont know if you can even go and tend to it in that month. if so, do as option a.
  16. hehehehehehe......neither a) nor b).....although either would make better stories for my kids.....

    nope, unfortunately its a case of doctor's orders (again - 2nd time this year). i have contracted glandular fever and because my liver and my spleen are involved and infected i have to avoid anything that could damage them further. now if i was younger, or older, i'd ignore the doc but i'm at that age where i've got too much still to do that i can accept that a shorter time doing without beats being forced to do without altogether...

    i was planning on just starting it once a fortnight to turn the battery over and maybe just wheel it around in the bikeport every now and then - more to keep my urges satisfied. i know it isn't that long a time in reality, but i don't want my baby to hate me for not looking after her.....she's been neglected enough over these last couple of months......

    thanks for the advice all - keep it rolling in so that i can at least make a more informed decision...... :)