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Putting Kittiminx Together comments thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BlueRex, May 6, 2007.

  1. [Mod: Topic in question is HERE]

    amazing read, thanks for the incite i am sure it will help many.
  2. Thanks blackmarton for your post!

    As so many people can attest to, the way you express emotion through written words is simply amazing!

    I dont know Sophie nor have ever met her but i truely hope for a speedy recovery for both Sophie and the rest of the family!

    Warmest Regards,

  3. Good on you mate.
  4. Wow... I haven't actually met Sophie(and nor did i know the extent of her injuries), and only saw you up at the Roadhouse on Anzac day, yet it still welled up emotions when you described her first words.

    You are a brave and strong man, and we will all thank you for keeping us updated :)
    And I/we can only hope to be as strong as you, or Sophie herself, in the given situations.

    Hopefully she is/will be able to recieve visitors soon, and I wish you and yours all the best in the coming times :)

  5. If you've met Sophie, you can tell what a great dad and mum she has; what a family!!!

    Thoughts and prayers always with you folks, and thank you so much for giving the parents' perspective. As a parent of two non-riding children, I can identify with the way you heart yearns after them, in good times, and especially in the bad.
  6. v unfortunate event, at the wrong place at the wrong time. its like a coke, good if drinked, bad if spilled on the carpet. i hope she will be a better rider :)
  7. putting kittiminx back together

    blackmarton ,thank you for the update , although I have never met either you or Sophie I feel for you and your family .

    I have unfortunatly been invlolved in this sort of incident from both sides, as a bent a broken motorcyclist and as a parent with a bent a broken offspring lying on a hospital bed . :(

    I couldnt make the fundraiser run due to family commitments but the NR community showed its great Aussie spirit of hanging together and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

    I thought the ride thru the Spur was a brave move considering the preceding events that drew you to that piece of blacktop.
    Stick around marton we may even convert you to our way of thinking . :grin:

    My heart goes out to everyone involved and touched by these unfortunate incidents that are unfortunatly part of our sport.

    Get well soon Sophie
  8. Marton you write beautifully :) You've explained yours, and others, emotions in such a descriptive way. No doubt there'll be many a tear throughout your posts :)

    From other threads we know how well Sophie's doing, and are all amazed at her drive to get through this, and Sophie, you and Karolyn have been an inspiration to us all.

    Keep fighting gorgeous girl, we're all here supporting and waiting for you.

    I will hopefully drop in sometime this week after work. Can someone please re-post the visiting hours?
  9. thanks marton, that was a good read.

    would love to meet you some time sophie.

    cheers :cool:
  10. That is so true, very beautifully written, shouldn't read this when im at work people will wonder why i am welling up hehe.

    Heres for a speedy recovery !
  11. thanks for posting this marton....
  12. Best of luck Soph for a speedy and full recovery. Our thoughts are with you.

    Thanks for the update. Best wishes also to the whole family.

  13. That was a touching post and I wish Sophie and your family all the best during her recovery.
  14. Far be it from me to request "WTF happened?"

    But I wish her the speediest recovery possible.
  15. wow! nice gear sophie!
  16. that's pretty bad luck falling off your bike and then landing on a metal plate and a bunch of self tappers!
  17. i have to say tho, sophie you are going to make the security guys at all the airports really take notice of you....

    and the icu story brings back all sorts of memories - my daughter managed icu twice - but nowhere near as bad as that!
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    that's the best laugh i've had all week!
  19. Actually no she won't...

    they have a high % of titanium in those screws and plates and they don't set of alarms..... I've still got 6 of the buggers in my left leg and i can't set of anything...and I've tried a few.

    The external fixateur that Marton is talking about is all to familiar to me...if any one wants i can show you the end result:grin: . Leaves a few scars but at least puts you back in one piece.

    Marton, good explanations of the "equipment" and the process that Sophie is going through. Sounds like she'd in the best hands possible.

    Best wishes to you, Sophie and family
  20. Thanks for dragging up the old memories, makes the eyes well up.

    Sophie, with great support which it sounds like you have, you will pull through just fine. Trust me, it could have been sooooooooooo much worse!

    +1 on the Alfred, they were awesome for us also, as was the Austin and Royal Talbot for rehab down the track a bit. Remember like it was yesterday all that was written about waiting, ICU etc.... (it was 9yrs ago when I was there waiting for someone).

    Sophie, I don't know you at all, but I wish you all the strength and emotional toughness you need, and a family of loved ones to support you through the whole ordeal.