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putting bikes in the letter box (shipping bikes)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by tristan82, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Who's "mailed" a bike interstate??? how much did it cost? how big a hassle was it?

    thank you kindly.

  2. Two years ago I had a BMW R1100RT shipped from Sydney to Perth by Allwest.

    Cost $880 at the time. They picked it up from the dealers and crated it (very well indeed).

    Only hassle (if you can call it that) was that I had to pick it up from the freight yard in Perth. I could have got the crate forked onto my trailer but that would have left me with the problem of returning it, so I uncrated on the spot and rolled the bike onto the trailer instead.

    No regrets.
  3. hmmm im looking at getting an older cb400 and they're all interstate, might not be worth it for 800+ hmmmm...
  4. if the plane ticket is cheaper, get a one way ticket and ride it home ;-)
  5. $380, this time last year, www.bikesonly.com.au Melb to Sydney.

    Excellent service, bike is tied down by the frame as opposed to front forks - highly recommended

    Someone also advertises in the banner ads here - can't remember name though :oops:
  6. Definite recommendation on the ride-home thing. Love to do an impromptu road trip like that...
  7. I am having a bike picked up in NSW today (north of Syd) being delivered to my door - SE Melbourne by Allwest. Thye have been super helpful so far - I'll let you know on Thursday how it has all gone :)

  8. Yeah I used bikes only to transport my bike from Brisbane to Melbourne a couple of years ago. Out of all the that happened during the move. These guys were the most reliable.

    Called up an hour before and showed up on time. More than what i can say for the furniture removalists.
  9. Had bike moved interstate recently and it turned up with a few chunks out of the side fairings. Is a major headache as some movers use subbies and those subbies then use subbies and they all want to pass the buck when it comes time to pay for damage. Even when they're supposedly fully insured for this type of thing.

    Take pictures of the bike when it's being picked up if possible and pictures after if there's damage. Crated service might be better than roll-on roll-off but it costs a bit more. But damage can still occur if crated, i've seen, which probably depends more on how the bike is secured. Mine was roll-on roll-off with a professional who has a flash truck and glowing testimonials but that turned out to be no guarantee of the bike arriving unscathed.

    Previous times, when moving interstate, I'd used the removalist who moved my household items and they crated the bikes I had at the time and they arrived no problems at all.
  10. I just used www.bikesonly.com.au and found them to be very friendly and efficient. Price was decent too.
  11. i used motorcycleexpress.com.au ...it was 200 $ from mildura to adelaide..seemed like a good service just had to wait for the weekly pickup through there