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NSW Putting bike into rego hibernation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Edward VH, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Owning a couple of bikes and a car mean that all the costs are getting a bit too much, especially for all the green-slips and insurance. I personally think the driver/rider should be green-slipped, not the vehicle (i.e. one green-sleep), but I digress.

    My TU250x is stock standard, and is a 2012 model. If i were to let the rego run out, and not register it for a year or two, would I still need to get a blue-slip to get it re-registered, given that the bike would still be less than 5 years old?

    Also, is getting a blue slip a hassle for a stock bike? Is it expensive?

    I considered selling the bike, but I think I'll hang on to it.

  2. First I can't say for certain but even though the bike is under 5 years old once the rego has lapsed you will probably need a blue slip as the registration is expired and thus no longer exists. Perhaps email the rms for clarification.

    Currently it's $36.80 for the inspection so wouldn't say that's expensive.

    The bigger cost is going to be maintenance. I have found rubber components e.g. Fork seals tend to deteriorate more quickly when bikes spend a long time sitting.
  3. Once registration is cancelled ie-expired more than 3 months or cancelled by owner surrendering the plates it will need an AUVIS inspection to re-establish NSW registration even if less than 5 years old from new.
  4. Move to victoria, we just pay our rego each year and none of this blue/green slip stuff.
  5. Yeah, I'd love to.... anyone wanna swap houses? :)
  6. Thanks Guys...
  7. We need to do roadworthy checks every time rego expires or the vehicle changes hands. So not really as simple as that.

    Could anyone inform me what the whole blue/green slip system is about? Sounds like a blue slip is pretty much a roadworthy certificate..
  8. LittleRedLittleRed A green slip is required every year after the vehicle is 5 years old. It is a mechanical inspection on cars a brake test is required, however not so on bikes. He mechanic will generally just check the levers apply the brakes. Will check for genreal leaks and for legal tread on tyres. They also note down the odometer reading. It is not the most thorough inspection really.

    A blue slip is essentially the same except they check the VIN number and engine number.
  9. The blue slip is a full inspection for a new registration of a vehicle. In NSW at least once a vehicle has been out of rego for three months putting it back on the road counts as a new rego. If the bike is in good order then it won't be a problem to pass but they cost more than a regular PINK slip, which is a regular road worthy inspection of a currently registered vehicle. A GREEN slip is the compulsory third party insurance that's no longer included in the fee you pay RMS (what was the RTA). I recently went through this drama with my son's car.

    If you're going to store it for more than a year consider what you might do to protect the inside of the motor from corrosion as the oil film will eventually drain away from the upper motor, bores etc. Some people fill them to the top of the valve cover, including the cylinders, with oil, as well as other measures to keep out rodents etc. Of course you can't just jump on it and start it if you do that, but it prevents rusted valves, cams, bearings, bores, and dry starting etc when you do pull it out of storage. Rust in the fuel tank is another issue to consider. Filling it to the very top with diesel will protect the metal for long time but the same thing applies, don't try and start it like that.
  10. Dark Angel has it correct.

    I would add that a blue slip for a bike is not overly onerous. It's probably less onerous than a car Pink slip. Basically if all the lights works, it doesn't blow smoke and it's not stupidly loud, it will pass.

    I have had troubles in the past finding someone to do it. Some car places will tell you they can't do bike blue slips, when in fact they can. I'm not sure if it's a reluctance or ignorance.
  11. It is as simple as that. Pay your rego each year and then you won't need a roadworthy! You got 3 Months to pay your rego after its expired before you need a roadworthy to get rego again!

    Yes change of ownership other then your spouse will require a roadworthy.

    I do know how it works as I do live in victoria .
  12. I wasn't being rude, so sorry if it came off that way.

    Thanks for the information, I'm not really savvy with the laws and such of other states.