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putt..putt putt putt...tt

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cosi, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. ran out of fuel on the eastern.. thought it was jusut the wind slowing my bike down :( thankfully it was under a bridge so that was of some bonus.

    thanks to the bloke who stopped on the silver bmw ( i think it was) and the other bloke who drive me around town to get petrol :D

    and to all those who stared at me as you drove past, its alright, someone else will help me !

    i felt like an idiot with my thumb out :D

  2. I take it that your bike doesn't have a "reserve" switch??
  3. it does.. but it was windy this morning and i thouoght it was jusut the wind blowing me back.. and then by the time i realised in busy freeway traffic i couldnt reach it in time.. gonna have to practice some more :mad:
  4. and you can't change it after the bike stops?
  5. well i tried, but it didnt have enouogh to "kick" it, with choke ful on it would fire but then stop again,
  6. And if course, even if you HAVE a reserve switch the cunning manufacturers usually put them places that are impossible to reach while you're riding and make them so small that you can't find them with gloves on anyway.

    This is called "progress"
  7. (forgive me if I am underestimating your experience, here, or if I have it totally wrong, but....)

    A lot of bikes have a "prime" position on the fuel tap as well as a reserve.

    Under normal operation, with the tap in the 'on' position, intake vacuum keeps the fuel tap on, and turns it off when the motor is stopped.

    The prime position bypasses the vacuum operated tap to allow fuel to flow without the motor running, so the carbie bowl(s) can fill again after it has run empty. Otherwise you have to crank the motor for ages until fuel flows into the carbie, and it might cough and splutter when the first bit gets there.

    If there is no 'prime' position, and the bike wouldn't start on reserve, then I'd guess that you have a fuel tap problem. The intake for "reserve" is at the bottom of the tank, and the normal intake is higher. If there is grunge in the tank, it can block the "reserve" intake but leave the other clear. Adding a little fuel to the tank might just disturb the grunge enough to allow fuel to flow for a while.....
  8. I'm confused.

    I am guessing you couldn't start the bike when switched to reserve because the feul line was dry....

    After you pour petrol into the tank wouldn't you have the same problem?
    ie. would you be able to start it on reserve with whatever effort it took to start with more petrol in?


    Thanks Mike. that answers my confusion.
  9. uh no i didnt try prime :(

    i could see a bit of fuel in the tank

    and i was cracnking it for a bit in reserve.. fuggit

  10. I had the same thing happen to me the other day (I was just being careless). The GPX doesn't have a 'prime' position, but I did get it going (on reserve) by just winding the throttle full-on and turning it over a few times 'til the carbs filled again.

    Took a bit, but it goes eventually.
  11. Be thankful you had some nice person give you a lift.
    I had that happen to me in the city. Lets just say that i pushed it up hill from Elizabeth St to Victoria Pde, then along Victoria Pde to the servo past the hospital.

    I had already gone for a walk to the servo over by Spencer St station and got another litre of fuel, but it wasnt enough to get it quite there. It had already sucked in so much crap it wouldnt/couldnt start. After filling it to half way with juice, tried to kick it over again and got it running (albeit with a black petrol smoke filling the servo)!

    Ugh, either way you'll have learnt your lesson. If you think you MIGHT need fuel, get some. Better to have too much than not enough. ;)
  12. With (late) fzr it would take a while to fill up the bowls after switching to reserve, I would have to clutch in for a bit and caost for a bit and then wind it on again after fuel was flowing. (note: my fuel pump was removed). On a few occasions i only realised that i was out when it died after taking off from the lights. thats embarasing, split lane 50 cars to the fron of a pack and sit there for 30 seconds waiting for the fuel to start flowing again before she will start.

    Another thing that took me a while to figure out was that my fuel lines were switch around, reserve was on and on was reserve. (that caused some confusion) and a few walks to the servo.
  13. put put put

    hi sobil. maybe u need a fuel pump...... to start with anyway.