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Put bike in ute..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by UserInterface, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I have a little CB125E coming and I was wondering if I can just put the kick stand down and strap it to the back of a Ute? The reason for this is I am getting it from Campbeltown and I don't want to drive from there to the city as I would likely end up smeared down the M5..

    I am a little worried that I might break the kick stand if I have weight on it and hit a bump or something...
  2. nah, it's a very light bike to begin with, just make sure you have the front tyre wedged securely into the front corner of the ute tray, and use tiedowns to pull the front forks into compression (but not TOO MUCH).
  3. I made use of the side stand when I moved an Intruder 250 by trailer... that and tie downs of course. She was none the worse after a 60km road trip.
  4. Just ride the back roads. Its a new toy, have fun!
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  5. i use my ute to move motor bikes all the time ,if the ute has a plastic floor use a flat peice of wood under the side stand so you dont punch a hole in the plastic floor ,,,and dont try to ride the bike up a ramp on to the back of the ute ,2 men one ether side of the bike and push it up and the same when you want it off the ute ,
  6. When I got my first bike I was just going to ride it home from Annandale to Petersham. But after a minute of riding I decided screw this, this is too much fun I'm going to go visit my parents over the Harbour Bridge. I understand the feeling of being nervous about your first ride on the road, but trust me it isn't that scary.
  7. Don't get me wrong as soon as I get home I will nick of around my house for a ride, but that being said cruising down the M5 in peak hour is not the start that I want.
    Thanks guys for your prompt replies!!
  8. No worries, it was just a suggestion.

    I'm bloody envious. Nothing can replicate that first feeling of jumping on your very first bike and taking it for a spin.
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  9. lol, I think this thing is about as powerful as a whippersnapper Wippersnipper engine

    haha, stupid spell check//
  10. The only time to ride the M5 is about 3am on a Sunday morning
  11. Got my bike home with out a hitch last night, sturdy as a rock on the kick stand.. Thanks all.
  12. Most Japanese sidestands are very strong,thats a differant story for European especaly sports, dirt or close to race bikes.Sit on them with the stand down and in a lot of cases it will over rotate or brake or the bike will tip over.Its possible to spin a lot of Jappenese bikes around bearing its full weight on there sidestand,not a hope with the Euro bikes I have owned

  13. since owning my bike i have been to 2 mechanics for services and also a diff guy for safety (otherguys dont do em) all 3 to take loads off the suspension would pull the bike off the wheels onto the kick stand (suzki gs500f) first time i see it i thought "holy crap" but now its par for the course.
  14. If you pull up drunk and nose into a spot that is a bit down hill. Spinning the bike on the stand is a great way to get out again, I can never find reverse :)
    In all seriousnessness, I have swung bikes on their stand all my life, you push fifty bikes in and out of a shop every day and you soon learn to be quick with it. In saying that I have had a KTM690 break the stand bolt, and an 03 CBR/RR break the whole stand off...would say this had a prior problem..and yup the whole schmaltz fell on the ground