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Put a deposit today on an '05 R1 Black Special edition

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Judge Geoffrey, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Should pick it up later this week, hopefully thursday.

    I'm so excited :D
  2. Congratulations Judge. Hope you enjoy your new baby :D
  3. Hmmmmmm...black R1..very nice :wink:

    You must come to a coffee night so we can all be jealous...doesnt matter if your not in Victoria..the ride would be good for her! :D
  4. nice choice, take it easy on that weapon!
  5. SWEEEEEEEEET 8) 8) 8)
  6. congrats, very sexy bike :), apparently they have the red strip painted around the wheels already, and two tone shiny black and matt.
  7. Very nice and congrats on your new purchase. Enjoy :)
  8. Very goood , sweeeeet :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    I wanna see loads of pics of it when you get it

    Lisa :twisted:
  9. congrats JG
  10. Question Judge,
    How much exactly did you pay for it? Did you purchase this in Oz?
    Any added extras/enhancements - for instance, tweaking up the power?
    What other bikes were you looking at - and reasons decided against?
  11. randy, let the man enjoy his bike, for fark's sake. Congratulations Judge, beautiful machine. I'd be giggling like a school girl if I were you :D
  12. AAAAAWWWWWWEEEEEESSSSSOOOOMMMMMEEEEE are there any links to picts of same model at all???
    Well Done man
  13. *Drool* That bike is sooooo hot.... :shock: :shock: :shock: :wink:
  14. nice bike... Its no gixxer though ;)
  15. Getting it insured with Swann for $1455. ???? a$sehole how did you get that so cheap?

    i must agree its not a gixxer tho ehehehe phishing anyone? ;) but it is pharking hot piece of bike arse!!!! i want it to have my babies :D its almost a semi naked bike oh droolzzzzz

    now i'm jealous, i hate you :evil: ... *runs away crying*
  16. wow :shock: :D That bike looks O SO NICE :D

    Good on ya :D :twisted:

    Have fun and stay safe

    Lisa :twisted:
  17. Very nice mate :D :D :D