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Put a deposit on my wee today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pete, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Or in case you don't know a Wee is a Suzuki Vstrom 650 or DL650. Affectionately known as a Weestrom or wee for short.

    I ordered the one with ABS. Comes in metallic grey.

    Now I just gotta wait till it comes in! :grin:
  2. Figured with a title like that you were taking the pi$$

    Would it be wrong to say - hope you enjoy the smell of your brand new wee
  3. Swoit.
  4. can i buy ur Ventura rack/bag off u then? :p

    enjoy the new ride! :grin:
  5. :LOL:
    Sorry nibor I'm actually keeping the bag for the new bike and leaving the rack on the bike.
  6. that's awesome... i have been thinking about getting one too. advrider.com is converting me.
  7. .. so, not a new Nintendo, then??? :(.
  8. Congrats.

    Note to self, don't go to advrider.com, I want to keep my obsession with svs :)
  9. Congrats Pete, I'm sure you'll have a blast. Can you do me a favor though, please don't ride it very much, maintain it religiously and sell it to me cheaply in 3 years time. Excellent thanks :)
  10. Bloody hell Pete, public urination is bad enough but to be putting a "deposit" down on top of it as well is just plain wrong.
  11. :grin: Nice one!

    I'm putting together the specs now for my Wee and will be buying it next month. Can't ride it until Jan but with all the extras I'm buying I don't expect the bike to be rideable until then. I'm putting my current bike up for sale the first week of December.

    Are you getting it from Suzuki or another dealer?
  12. Do it!


    Better not go here http://11109.rapidforum.com/or here http://www.stromtrooper.com/forums/index.php either then :LOL:

    Thanks and no, yes and no. :LOL:

    Very funny :LOL:

    Sounds good Roscoe, what are you putting on it? There's heaps of farkles (thats what they call 'em o/s) available isn't there.

    Getting it from Mick Hone Suzuki in Box Hill. Actually spoke to the man himself yesterday. :cool:
  13. That's what I was thinking :LOL: (although mis-spelt?)

    Congrats Pete! New bikes are just the greatest :grin:
  14. Engine crash bars, engine skid plate, hand protectors, centre stand, Givi top box, Givi soft panniers, Givi tail bag, Givi tank bag and a Zumo 550 GPS.

    Plus a tent, sleeping bag, bed and cooker.

    ... damn advrider :)

    Did they do a good deal? I'm going to try Peter Stevens and my local Suzuki.
  15. I thought you meant you bought a PeeWee :oops:
  16. I'm looking to get the hand protectors first up then probably a madstad bracket for the windshield.

    Then when I have the dough SW Motech Skid plate, crash bars and centre stand.

    And because I missed out on the Luggage, probably get a Ventura rack for now as I already have a bag.

    Also would luurrvvve a Zumo, they're ace

    Are you getting the ABS?
  17. What does that do? Got a link?

    I'm doing the same, I'm not going with the OEM ones from Suzuki.

    I'm told the soft panniers are best if you intend to hit the dirt, or if going with the hard panniers ensure you take a Mallet to smack them back in to shape :)

    Yes. Do you know if it has a switch to enable / disable? I'm told it does but I can't find that on any review.
  18. Hi folks,

    Just joined yesterday and saw this:
    I'm in exactly the same boat. I was told the machine should land late this month and the dealer is reasonably confident I should be able to put a few Ks on it before Christmas.

    Haven't ridden for some years, though I just about lived on a bike before that, and am somewhat out of touch with things. Any recommendations on luggage for the new beast would be gratefully received.
  19. welcome to the land of Strom owners

    we were so happy with them we bought 2
    his and hers

    ok Madstad link is

    made a HUGE difference for us
    I was flat out making it home with the original screen and the buffering

    we have the Pat Walsh engine guard and bash plate

    but saying that
    we are going to be upgrading to Touratech's new engine guards and bash plate when it hits Australia.
    The link below shows the other strom goodies also

    Touratech do have a distributor here in Australia, they are here in Victoria.

    I will send you all a PM for the Strom group that has an active social ride calendar

  20. Thanks heaps for your reply and PM. :) I tried to reply to it but have to get my post count up before I can do that by the looks of it.

    I will be exploring the gear links and forums you mentioned while I wait, more or less patiently, for the Wee. I'm guessing I will find some good recommendations for luggage in the V-Strom forums. Have been checking out the Venture stuff this afternoon, after seeing it mentioned here a bit. My main thing at the moment is working out how to best carry my camera gear, which looks to be a bit of a challenge.

    Anyway, thanks again for your welcome & help. Will hopefully catch you guys around sometime.