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Put a deposit down today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Breno, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. went in to Peter Stevens (Yamaha) in Geelong today to test ride the new R6. rode like a dream.

    also put down a deposit ^.^ so within in days/a week it will be in my garage i hope :D

    just wondering, does this qualify for me to put it in my Avatar that its my bike seeing as i own part of it?
    havent stopped smiling all day.

    -Bren :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. nice one mate, what colour are you getting? after you pick it up and take it for a spin make sure you post up some decent pics of it for us to check out.

    you're crazyyy spending so much moula on a new toy but sometimes you need to reward yourself for working hard ehhh. :grin:
  3. You lucky, lucky bastard.

    They're a great looking bike, nice one.

    What colour did you choose?
  4. black of course ^.^

    now to decide which exhaust to fit. the chrom yoshi "shorty" looks sweet but is priced at $999 in comparison to some 4 letter one starting with G for $400 which is designed specifically for yamahas.
  5. I think you are entitled to do just that. But only that a portion of the bike that you have paid for.
  6. Nice choice of bike.

    Some pics for us please.
  7. The R6 won the BIKE 600cc shootout, so when it's run in you'll have to go and pester Wazza and his Daytona :LOL:

    {just kidding waz :grin:}
  8. there will be plenty of pics real soon when i get it home. ^.^

    ill add the part that i own in :p
  9. ooo ince buy, these are a very appealing bike.
    "'06 R6 Left Indocator" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. congrats u'll love it!
  11. Nice one Breno!

    Do us a favour, either a) keep a journal of your thoughts and experiences on the bike for the first few weeks of ownership, or b) write a 400 word article on it ;)

    Then send it to Vic for appraisal!

    Need content for the newsletter don't we :p
  12. sure thing mate ill take note of it all.

    but it will be a pretty noob review as ive only evr rode a R6 before from sunshine to werribee (about 20mins) and only other bikes is my old TZR and the current virago.

    its going to be a big change and take a bit of getting used to. im used to my butt being lower then my hands, not above my handle bars :p but it shouldnt take too long to get used to. still cant wait untill i pick her up. looking forward to come and show it off aswell :D
  13. Heh, thanks man. It'll be up to Vic if it's used at all, but it'd be ace I reckon. Cheers!

    I'm pretty freakin' jealous too hah. Can't wait till my Ls are up. Technically I'm happy with the experience building right now, but... argh!
  14. :LOL: :cool:

    Would be kind of interesting to see how they compare bikes tho. Lets one confirm if they are a good or trash magazine :)

    Few results in supersport shootouts for the 675 has been(guy stopped updating sometime in June tho it seems):

    June 2006

    * WINNER of Cycle World magazine's Best Middleweight Road Bike Of 2006 (link)
    * WINNER of Cycle World magazine's 'Middleweight Greats' Shootout (street + track) (link)
    * WINNER of MotorcycleUSA.com's Supersport Track Shootout (link)

    May 2006

    * WINNER of MotorcycleUSA.com's Supersport Street Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of Motorcyclist magazine's Supersport Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of the multi-publication Master Bike Supersport Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of Superbike magazine's Supersport Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of the Cycle News Supersport Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of MCN (US) Middleweight Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of Motorcycle Online's Middleweight Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of TWO magazine's 675 vs 750 vs 749 comparo (link)
    * WINNER of Motorrad magazine's Supersport Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of Moto Journal (France) magazine's Supersport Shootout (link)
    * WINNER of Moto Jornal (Portugal) magazine's Major Test at Almeria (link)

    Anyway, congrats on your purchase! Just hope PS don't stuff you around like most people. I'd love to catch up sometime and suss out the bike if you want to check mine out? What kind of riding do you plan to do? Heaps of track days? Just a few? Would be a shame to waste a track bike hehe. I plan to do a heap once my arm heals up fully.

    ENJOY THE TOY!!!! And be safe :grin:
  15. I think its a gytr muffler your thinking of and i highly doubt its 400 dollars.
    Congrats on the new bike anyway :)
  16. fantastic!!! extremely jealous. For exhaust i think these look horn:

    This is what id get:


    Some others you might want to look at


  17. Isnt it illegal to not have some sort of muffler or something of the sort?
  18. Nah there the new model R1 they have a underbelly exhaust system. I think.
  19. the mufflers are under the bike, i found a R6 forum with tonnes of picks. im thinking of sticking with the GYT-R one. the person at peter stevens told me $400 fo the small chrome GYT-R one. also the remus one looks nice. sounds good too.

    im not to fond of the plain pipes sticking out, i much prefer the mroe canny type. although the slashcut one does look nice.

    and undii id be mroe than happy to catch up when i get my bike. im not sre about track days ive never done one before, i plan on lots and lots of road riding. and when i get it i plan to post at least 80-90 topics a day about people coming with me for rides ^.^