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Put a deposit down on a new bike....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gilligan, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Much to my poor Spada's relief, this week I put a deposit down on a new GSXR-750 :grin: \:D/ :dance: :woot: .

    Unfortunately I won't be taking delivery until mid-January as I want a black one and there are none available anywhere :( If I was willing to settle for another colour I'd have it now but I really want the black so now I have two months of anticipation. I figure it's worth the wait to get what I want.

    I thought that waiting to come off restrictions was the hard bit. If I'd known that getting the bike I wanted would be this difficult I'd have ordered it months ago.

    Anyway, that's my good news. I have to say that it is a pleasure doing business at Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie (particularly Luciano). I generally have an aversion to sales people but the staff at Raceway are all friendly, helpful, they gave me useful advice and opinions, they were straight with me about bike availabilities and as a bonus, straight up they gave me the best price I came across in my search. I thoroughly recommend them if you're in the market for a Suzuki.
  2. F*cken awesome bud! Smilie-Wave.

    I reckon Jan wont be able to come round fast enough :LOL:

    Hey we met at Thurs coffee before yeh?
  3. good on ya mate!

    the gixxer 750's are insane! they are so light, and have so much power. pity your doing well over the speed limit when your having some fun though :(

    I test rode one last week and was pretty impressed. I rode the 07 cbr600rr yesterday, and thought it was quite boring in comparison... although it was a really light and flickable bike.
  4. i will be you in about 1 yr.

    how do you find it from spada to 750? they are the same size to the 600 and the 1000 true? everytime i go pass bike stores, i always compare hahaha.

    well congrats.
  5. Congrats mate. Now dissapear until Jan beammeup.

    Because the time will drag......
  6. thats great mate bet you cant wait !!
    at least you will be getting what you want ,,when jan arrives :grin: :grin: it will be all good
  7. Awesome Chris.. Congrats mate .. :cool:

    So how many sleeps left :LOL:
  8. GOOD! I never want to try to get a Spada in the back of a commuter van again! :LOL: :p
    Great bike mate. If you have to wait until Jan, is that the K8 or still the K7?
  9. Congrats on the new bike, and I have to agree with your choice of dealer.

    They are good people at Raceway.
  10. Congrats Chris,
    Hope you can keep your boots on until then.
  11. Great bike dude, although waiting two months just to get a colour scheme... To me, that's plain weird.
  12. grats ughboots. great stuff. ignore loz - lots of 'normal' things to him are weird. all depends on the weirdness of your original viewpoint :p may as well get the full package including the colour you love, if you plan to live with and ride this baby for a long time. enjoy every minute. hugs, c x
  13. Nice one. Jan 18th can't come quick enough hey? :)
  14. Onya Chris,

    Although it is a suz.....a suzu.....you know ;)
  15. Nice choice!! Well the wait will be well worth it
  16. Thanks all :grin: I like that ufo emoticon 2wheelsagain! Kind of wish I could do that until Jan.

    Heh, yeah, that was a fun day wasn't it! It'll be a K7, the K8s are due in April according to the shop. The January shipment will be the last of the K7s, they reckon they will have no 600/750s for three months :shock: I'm happy with the K7, I really like the styling so it doesn't bother me that it's not a K8.

    The 750 is the same size as the 600 as they share the same frame etc. The 1000 is a different frame. The 600/750 feels very similar to the 1000, except that the 1000 is a fair bit wider in the tank and noticeably heavier.

    And Loz, if I'm spending that much money on a new bike I want the colour that does it for me, and the black is it :p . The other colours just don't do it for me. Yeah, it might make me a pansy but liking the look of the bike is a part of the decision. The main reason is I don't like the gaudy graphics on the GSXRs, and the black comes with no graphics.
  17. Very nice Chris, that will be an awsome bike!
    Ghost rider wannabe :p
  18. I dont blame you for waiting for the color, the black on black is damn sexy, i was thinking of selling my 750f and getting the 750r. And i would wait till the black was in stock. I hear the 750 is actually faster on nurimburing (spelling??) track than 1000, and accelerating up to 200k it is actually faster than the 1000 as well!!! dont know if this is crap or not, i cant see how i could be true, unless it was heaps lighter than the 1000. How is the insurance on this bike?, i was thinking it would be heaps more than my current insurance so am sort of put of by it.
    Any way, you will love this bike, i am so envious!!! :twisted:
  19. Just woundering how does the GSXR-750 stack up to the '07' R6? I read that the 600cc sportbike belong more on the track than the road?