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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by scooter, May 25, 2005.

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  1. Do you like big butts?
    or was that donkey or Shrek Ogre?
    MMmmmm! maybe you should come back next time as Donkey or Dragon?

  2. Well Puss you can be Donkey seen as I am the Dragon Woman!! Night Kiddies! DM
  3. well I did come on as shrek ogre but got booted for my outspoken ways, was moderated and censored for my freedom of speech but i havent been silenced, have I, come over and join the party where you can speak what you feel and say wot you mean without sensorship. Oh and if I get booted this time It will just proove my point. as I have posted here 30 odd times and not a blemmish so lets see how liberal this site really is.
  4. 33 posts in one day......you sure you ride, me thinks you may just be a biker "wanabee" sitting in your little flat all alone with one hand on the keyboard and the other down your stained trakkie pants, staring at your "Scooter Monthly" magazine and dribbling over the centrefold of Jamie Oliver on his Vespa....... be careful where the shot lands, don't want to wash off your stick on tattoos do ya...... =;
  5. hhhmmm Nobby are you trying to rub puss the wrong way, he doesnt like it when his fur get ruffled.......and as for a wannabe thats very funny
  6. The spelling errors would indicate 'puss in boots' is too young to ride....

    :p :LOL:

  7. Ah nobby, a bit of friendly banter, nice to see it sneek on here. if you take a closer look my friend you will see that, its 33 post in a matter of hours :wink:

    As fer a flat how you fit 5 dirt nunchers into a flat. :?:

    Trakky pants well when yer hung like me jeans just dont cut it whilst yer try to have a play now does it.

    you show me your tattoos and I'll show ya mine :wink:

    Scooter monthly, not a bad laugh, though I saw you and your bike in the centrefold in last months edition, by the way NICE SCOOTER. :shock:

    as fer not riding, I ride further in my sleep than you would in a year.
  8. if you want Freedom of speech, move to the USA, I believe they have it in their constitution, we dont have any law here in Australia say we have freedom of speech, secondly, this site, like many other online forums are privately own and the owners can do what the fcuk they like, so I you do not like it, do not let the door hit you arse on the way out, we do not like bum marks on our door, we are happy with it the way it is

    if you want a act like an arsehole and inflict your biker ways on people who are here because they they dont want that shit, then stay there

    so you came here to prove your point, your point has been made, now please do all of us a favour and leave. Im sure if I came over to Ozbiker and ask for censorship I would be told to fcuk the right off

    you seem to want the whole world to run in your way, but if everyone tried to live the way you do, you would be the first to complain about all the tryhards and wantabes.

    there is a reason Ozbiker exsist, people like it the way it is and go there

    there is a reason Netrider exsist, people like it the way it is and go there

    why try to make them the same? The interent is big enough for all types
  9. poor deranged lil bablefish, you are another brainwashed little person arnt you. we do have laws here for freedom of speech,

    As for the door hitting me on the arse on the way out are you gunna be pushing it closed, Didnt think so.

    Acting an arsehole, you dont know me very well then do you cos I AM AN ARSEHOLE, but you nor anyone else on this site has the right or the power to change me, thats the difference between the two sites, You want to be politically correct and toe the line you do that thats YOUR RIGHT, if I dont than thats MINE.

    "you seem to want the whole world to run in your way, but if everyone tried to live the way you do, you would be the first to complain about all the tryhards and wantabes"

    wot is my way there young fella, please explain?

    and you show me where on here I have called anyone TRYHARDS OR WANNA BE'S

    dont go putting words into my posts, thats very un australian.

    As for asking for censorship you wouldnt be told to fcuk right off, you would have the piss pulled outa ya and a bit of friendly banter thrown at ya but I can assure you if you were to be told to fcuk right off it would be in jest, The CHOICE of weather you did or not is YOURS
  10. I rest my case your Honour
  11. welcome to the forum puss.

    What kind of machinery do you run? Do you use one more than the other?

    I see you have a jap and a harley - I want to invent a Transformers-style bike which morphs between the two. :LOL: I want a jap bike for the twistie bits and a harley (or a honda goldwing!) for cruising, when my wrists and shoulders need a break!

    and it should morph into a car when I couldn't be farked riding through blizzards.


    anyway, play nice and enjoy your stay.
  12. Ah DAN why thank ya kind sir, for your hospitallity.
    I only ride a Jappa, the two different types was a shot at the posters on here that think BIG BAD BIKIES only ride harleys,

    It is a VERY custom cruiser, Started its life as a Kawasaki VN800 but you cant tell now, well the untrained eye cant anyway and there is a lot of them round here.

    As fer playing nice, just be thankful im playin at all.

    DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  13. Welcome to the forums Shrek, Skizzo, WhiteysMrs and Ramnad. Hope you all stay around for a while, could make things here a bit more fun.

    Shame you all came on here just to see if you could get booted. :LOL: :LOL: :wink:

    Hang around for a while and you'll see that not everyone here is a pussy. Some of us actually enjoy a little sparring, I think we just don't feel the need to swear as much as you guys.

    PS Ramnad, I dig that picture you drew of yourself on OzBiker :LOL:
  14. Hey Puss do you ever sleep mate or just excited to greet your new playmates DM
  15. Thanks Pete!
    I've actually done two of myself on there...
    I didn't come on here to get booted... I did come on to see what all the fuss was about... Personally - I thought it was a bit immature to boot the HELLBOUND "identity" so soon - and scooter was right - he wasn't a "troll", he was the "real deal"...
    And Pete, good to see you've been doing your research on the OzBiker site ... :D
  16. Insomniac, is I, and play mates, havent found anyone wanting to play yet.
  17. I'd have to agree there DM...

    P in B was online when I signed off - and he was still on... plus he'd been on the turps all night - I reckon he's still on the turps - pulling an all nighter PinB ???
  18. yep, but I can do what some on here only dream about, have two forums going at once, go all night, go all night on the piss and still find time to rack up anywhere between 200 and 2000 k's in a weekends ride.

    NOT BAD FER A WANNA BE tho is it :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :wink:
  19. OH COME ON!!!!

    Many people mightn't like to read what ME, Puss in Boots, Rumnut and Darkey's biatch have to say - but you gotta admit - it's a hell of a lot more entertaining that "What bike shall I buy - a Spada or a CB 250....?"

    At least these guys appear to ride "REAL" bikes - and let's face it. Their rantings, bullshit and dedication to being different to the rest of society is EXACTLY what we need.

    It's good to have people that have the time, inclination and attitudes to rattle some cages, send some messages, and generally create havoc. God- can you imagine our already white-bread "big brother" watchin society without them??? UGH - you die of boredom and over regulation in a week!!

    We mightn't agree to what they're raving on about - but by fcuk - it's our duty to defend their right to say it!!!

    It's the maniacal babblings of people like these that will see to it that motorcycles AREN'T victimised much more than they are - because THESE are the people who actually care - because riding is a true lifestyle to them, not just a means to get to work. THESE are the people who will stick up for the rights of all.
  20. erm... isn't it the same (bored) person? :?
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