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Pushing a little too hard

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Fybre, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Recently I have been practicing the Old Pacific Highway run over and over, mostly between Pie in the sky at Cowan and Mt White cafe, that sort of area. Was out there today and scared the bejeezus out of myself.
    Just up past Mt White, doing some twisty's, and I think probably feeling too cocky... ran wide on a right hander, had a case of target fixation on the embankment, and the bike went off the road and up in the air. I was mostly upright, so got my left boot sc****d along the side of the embankment, and somehow (no skill here, purely luck) the bike came down on its wheels and kept going. I did check my undies, and amazingly can still wear them. Basically I did everything wrong, worried about going wide, then rather than focussing on where I wanted to go, I fixated on the edge of the road.

    Luckily the bike is fine, just a small scratch or two on the side where it hit the rocks from the embankment, I did have to sit down for a few minutes and mull over my stupidity. But then I had to get back on the horse, so spent the next hour or so just going over and over the same section of road, sort of a penance I guess.

    I do find that talking to myself as I am riding helps at the moment.. something like "relax your hands, relax!!... shift your ass, lock your leg to the tank...lean, lean, smooth with the power... ", I guess I am in the conscious incompetence stage of my riding at the moment! Having to remind myself continually of what to do.
  2. hey man even experienced riders **** up occasionally. look at motoGP, those guys throw their bikes all the time and they're better than any of us...

    one thing an instructor told me at an advanced training day, is if you think you've taken a shit line and you're running wide, lean harder. you might still pull through, but if you do crash, at least you crashed trying to save your ass
  3. Yeah, I kicked myself after for screwing that one up... just feel like you are fighting against yourself in that situation.
  4. I'm not exactly a good rider by any means yet, still a big noob... But I'm constantly telling myself to relax, move my ass, lock my leg to the tank etc.

    I figure if I keep telling it to myself I'll drill it in eventually.
  5. Yeah me too. A mic in my helmet would produce some interesting results from how I berate myself :)
  6. lol... i wouldnt dare put a mic in... As I sing really crappy, cheesy songs to myself at times too!
  7. I've been riding for about 10 years now. And I'm still in that stage

    I'll worry if I ever stop trying to tell myself what I need to be doing
  8. LOL! My favourite at the moment is doing a Top Gun rendition of 'danger zone'. With vocal guitar solo's too.
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  9. I hate you now though...

    I'm already humming that at my desk...
  10. maybe you should get a motard if you want to keep practicing those offroad jumps ;)
  11. ^^^^^ LOL! nah, my undies drawer isn't big enough. I like both wheels planted on the ground
  12. I find talking to myself helps, too.

    "think ad91on think... what would the supermodels do if that happened?"
  13. Which corner was it? (gmaps?)
  14. Oh man, can't remember now, just up past Calga... I'll get out the GPS next time I am up there, to get the location.
  15. I read an interview where Rossie said he talks to himself alot when he rides...especially when road riding.

    i find it helps to turn your head towards the vanishing point as soon as you have assessed the corner corner & started braking, i find the later you turn your head the more likely you are likely to target fixate, aslo slow in fast out is alot more fun, faster & safer than late brake oh shit type riding...just my 2cents
  16. You got lucky, and be thankful it found you. As has been said, nobody is immune, although it does tend to happen less as we gain experience.
    In this case you got the experience without what could have been a very serious crash.
    As you've done...learn from it and well done for getting right back on and facing your fears. Well done to, for being bluntly honest with yourself.

    Be careful, and don't push things too much...let it come to you.
  17. What he said.