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NSW Pushing a bike legally

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SmellyTofu, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. We know that we aren't allowed to ride out bikes on footpaths and cycle paths but what are the legalities of pushing a bike on the footpath with the engine off, key out of the ignition, etc. Basically the intention of only pushing the bike and not riding it on foot path/cycleway.

  2. I got stopped doing that one time when my bike broke down.

    I only got checked to make sure I wasn't stealing the thing then sent on my way. YMMV
  3. you'd better wear your stackhat just incase :confused:
  4. I would think you could be done for not having feet on the pegs and no helmet for starters. It would be worth taking to a magistrate though...
  5. Next time I do a concrete job I will wear my helmet if I cross the footpath with a wheel barrow,its getting just a touch silly.When I was a kid with a minibike it was smart to pull the hi tension lead of the plug while pushing the bike on the footpath on the way to the Illegal bush tracks so if the cops got you it was obvious you were not riding on the road.How times change.Is common sense a legal defence
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    Walking alongside is specifically exempted under the definition of a rider.

    So you dont have to wear a helmet or keep your feet on pegs as you are not a rider,

    Edit rule 17

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  7. Rumor has it you can still be busted for drink driving though.

  8. I believe that is because you only need to be in control of, not the rider of, for drink driving.

    But i am not 100%
  9. You sure about that?

    Rule 17 exempts a bicycle only from being a rider when being pushed. Rule 271 states that must have feet on pegs when riding but not when being pushed. Rule 270 states must have helmet fitted when is moving, or is stationary but not parked.

    ride, for the rider of a motor bike or animal-drawn vehicle, includes be in control of.

    Drivers and riders
    The Rules are generally expressed to apply to drivers of vehicles, since they are the largest category of road users. A driver is the person driving or otherwise in control of a vehicle. For example, a person steering and pushing a stalled motor vehicle would be in control of the vehicle and be the ‘driver’.

    Depending on the drink driving laws in your state, generally speaking you must be in charge of the steering, movement or propulsion and it must be voluntary. However ACT law states you must be riding it and vehicle must be started so pushing wouldn't come under drink driving laws, may be different in other states.
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  10. My mistake.

    Another thing that needs to be changed in the law
  11. You will be shot.
    Best you stick to catching the bus
  12. You don't need to, see rule 271. This is why you shouldn't be offering advice on legal interpretations as you seem to rarely interpret them correctly.
  13. Yes my mistake.
  14. Lucky you are not a Lawyer then ay!

    'Whoops my mistake Sir, better pack a toothbrush '
  15. I wasnt the only one that said that it was illegal....
  16. Awesome ! Two wrongs make a right !
    You are hired !
  17. Pick on vc day :(

    I made a mistake. I admit i made a mistake, although i really just quoted the wrong number.

    But have fun with the bashing...
  18. Nothing like an NR lynch mob to fcuk up your Friday night