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Pushie ride

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, May 7, 2009.

  1. Went for a pushie ride today - and I was like... hey, this is cool... can I do my P's test on the push bike? I'll definitely pass!!!

    seriously, haven't ridden for ages and I was all up and down hills and wow I was pooped afterwards. But what a great ride - so intense! I have a wedding coming up at the end of June at which I will be the maid of honour and my (gorgeous) dress is about half a size too small (the zipper won't do up!) and I thought rather than get it adjusted I'll just try really hard to shed a couple of kilos so wish me luck!!

    Does anyone else ride a pushie, how do you find it for keeping fit and keeping slim? :)
  2. Excellent exercise, but get a wide saddle or padded pants to protect yer ass!
  3. Hills really kill you untill you get that core strength back. Tis good fun though.
  4. Remember ATGATT.

    I wanna see picks on you on a pushie with motorbike gear :p
  5. Riding at a level where you're working but still able to talk freely is the prime fat burner zone. I'm riding between 65 - 250 km per week, on average about 100km, and I've had a gentle but steady weight loss without really trying to "diet".

    Good luck with it Zenyatta :)
  6. Cycling to get to work, the shops, nearby friends, etc... is good too. For me anyway. I hate setting aside time just to keep fit.

    It might take a little longer... usually 1.5-2x longer than by car I guess, depending on the distance, roads and terrain. The 20 minute drive to work used to only take 22 minutes by bicycle, when I lived in Newcastle. :cool:
  7. :oops: I'm only doing about 15kms over 1hr a week so far, don't know how fit I'm getting so far, but i feel it working muscles so it must be doing something :grin:

    It's the getting up at 5:30 that's a killer :LOL:
  8. Just think. You're increasing the power to weight ratio of your bike!
  9. Does the job very well. Just get into a routine, I found it best to leave at the same time very day so I just did it without thinking about it.

    Sadly I don't anymore, I've tried a few times but both my bikes are thrashed out, rusty, too small, chain slips off every 5 minutes and the gears don't really work properly. Really should buy a decent bike, I do love tearing around trails on them.
  10. Pushbike fitness and strength translates well on the motorbike too.
  11. For when you need to peddle your motorbike?

  12. yeah my bottom is a little sore tonight. it's those bum bones! the pelvis, I guess.

    My pushie is one I got at K-mart, clearance for about $100 I think, around 5 years ago. I don't think they're as good coming from K-mart anymore hahaha.

    What's a good heart rate to keep up? it's sooo hilly around here so I find myself getting flogged for a couple of minutes, then having a couple of minutes of catching my breath coasting down a hill, then flogging again. It's very on and off exercise but I've heard from some fitness trainers that 'variable intensity' exercise is great for getting a strong heart and a toned bod. Others say you have to just go really slow and steady to lose weight ...
  13. Time to put my personal trainer hat on!

    Your target heart rate range is ideally between 65% and 85% of your max heart rate. Your max heart rate is around 220 minus your age. So, if you're 30 years old, your max heart rate is 190. Anything more is considered dangerous, especially to the untrained!

    So, keep your HR between 65% and 85% of 190 (if you're 30 years old).

    Long slow distance training (LSD) is good for LSD events. If you're training for a marathon, don't train using 100m sprints.

    However, the best exercise type for weight loss and fitness is interval training. That means a mixture of easy pace (65% of max HR) and hard pace (85% of max HR). In other words, cycle at a good pace and regularly do sprints. Maybe count telegraph poles and cycle normal for 6 and sprint for 3, repeat (don't forget to keep your eyes on the road!)

    Also, hill sprints are EXCELLENT exercise on a bike.
  14. I've been hearing about interval training all the time, but I don't believe its all its cracked up to be. Why? well generally most people do it for 15 - 20 minutes. Compare the joule consumption to an hour of running or cycling. Sure interval training probably has a higher post-exercise energy consumption, but I doubt it'll reach the level of endurance running/cycling.

    The anaerobic component will however prevent too much atrophy in your legs.
  15. well for a 40 minute ride I probably spend a third of it on the flat, a third going up hills and getting my heart rate up super high and then the final third going slower, like coasting downhill. I think that variable intensity is better (and more interesting) than just cycling along the flat for an hour. I couldn't anyway, given the terrain in this area!

    If my age is 22 that makes my max heart rate 198, and 85% is 168. That sounds about right. A bit less than 3 beats per second. That is very very fast! I don't think it gets that high or I'd probably have to pull over and throw up! The first day I went riding up these hills I felt quite nauseous not being used to it.
  16. and of course I don't forget to replenish my muscle glycogen with a meal when I get back.....mmmmm carbs................:)
  17. The EPOC is a very important factor, as is the muscular stimulation (plyometric) over muscular endurance training.

    Ideally the best way to lose weight and get fit is a combination of weight training and interval cardio, with some LSD thrown in periodically to shake things up.

    However, from a purely cardio based weight loss and fitness perspective, numerous studies have proven time and again that interval pwn LSD.
  18. Just took my mountain bike for a 2hr ride from home(bankstown) to my gf place(gladesville). Its great at night, nice and cool. Great exercise i love it. However single trails in the bush are the best!
  19. As a PT I'm sure you're joking right? You know how pushy riding helps with motorbike riding - particularly twisties?
  20. Don't laugh; one day I might need an extra 220W of power on top of the 94kW the Tiger1050 already has! :cool:

    I'll defer to port80 on this one, but I suspect it's to do with improving the supporting-your-torso-without-using-the-arms strength, and legstrength.