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Pushed off the road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ShortyM, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. This happened to me but a few days ago.

    On my way to work a lady in a VW Tiguan decided that it wasn't necessary to look where one was putting their car on an attempt to change lanes. The outside lane was inhabited at that time by yours truly. At no time did she even bother to look where she was going. Her head did not move. She just pulled straight over on top of me.

    The urge to give the back of her vehicle a good slap while strong, was not strong enough to override the desire to be as far away as possible from 1.7t of steel with the very personification of ineptitude operating it. Luckily for me the bike lane was quite wide and gave me ample room to retreat to. To this very second she still does not know that she was very nearly responsible for causing an accident on a main thoroughfare.

    She so happened to be taking the same path as I was, so I decided to keep an eye on her to see if she did anything else. Sure enough about 2 minutes later she did the exact same thing again. Changed lanes without even looking first. She did indicate though so I suppose that is something. Not much consolation to the poor motorcyclist under her tires however.

    Just another example to show we need to be vigilant at all times.
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  2. All to common up here. I've noticed a bit of a trend with VW owners, I wonder if the people that would have bought Volvos now buy VW.
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  3. Audi's are the real ones to look out for.....

    Those and Lexus....

    I'm a firm believer that the previous Merc and BMW douchebagery has subsided.........now it's the march of the Audi tool....
  4. Agreed.
  5. I like to hold as long as possible then burst out in front with the horn blaring so they think they nearly hit me.

    Somebody merging into you shouldn't pose much risk to even the least experienced rider unless there is a massive speed differential.
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  6. It certainly wasn't a close call. I didn't mean it if it came across that way. Just another potentially painful reminder that diligence is a necessity on the road, especially on 2 wheels.
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  7. Couldn't agree more. The usual Audi driver nowadays is a complete knobhead on the road, and should be given a very wide berth.

    Yep, they took over from the Volvo drivers, and have since been replaced by the Audi knobjockeys.
    However, I have been noticing erratic Tiguan drivers as well, lately.

  8. Audi/VW drivers. They need massive warning lights and sirens to alert everyone around to what a massive cock they are.

    VW Golf drivers in Melbourne all seem to be retarded.

    ShortyM: I had a similar instance once. At the next set of lights I gave the woman a massive spray. She knew she'd fcuked up, but just stared straight ahead. The drivers door mirror was no match for my Alpinestar polar glove though. :D
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  9. Just give it a wipe clean and a nice adjustment for them! You know they are grateful, because they dont even have to wind down their window, even to thank you.:headphone:
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  10. I should have been like the beggars at the lights with the windscreen squeegee and asked "yagotanychangeman" :D
  11. Same thing happened on the Westgate bridge a little while ago, closest I've ever come to taking a mirror in anger.

    Was in the inside lane about to exit at Todd Rd, SUV in front of me to the right suddenly brakes & starts merging on top of me, no indicators, no head check. I hit the anchors, duck back & around into the next lane & pull up next the driver, she's staring straight ahead as if I don't exist, like they do when they know they fcuked up. I start waving my left arm at her, nothing. Pull the clutch in & hit the rev limiter, nothing.


    I slap the mirror outwards on it's hinge, no reaction. Time to go.

    If she didn't have two kids in the car I probably would have hit it down instead of out.

    Anyway, the moral of the story is, people do stupid shit, doubly so at on & off ramps, they're very predictable in their unpredictability.
  12. I had the same incident on the three lane Epping Road late last week. Travelling nicely in the outside lane the 'P' plater decides to just swerve across with no head check, no mirror, no indicator. Wasn't a particularly dangerous situation as it was pretty predictable standard, idiot, completely unaware of her surroundings, 'p' plate driving.
    Like Smileebloke says - i held off as long as possible and gave her a long blast..................... and she still kept coming!
    I pulled up alongside her passenger door at the lights and gave her a full on spray. No movement, no apology, no recognition of me even being there, nothing - just her and her passenger looking straight ahead - although rather sheepishly.

    Perhaps bikes really are invisible?
  13. Forgive my ignorance, but when you say spray do you refer to a long blast on the horn?
  14. nah mate , you flop it out and hose them down through the window
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  15. Okay, it was two chicks in a car............ but:

    1. I did not reach for my horn (i'd already done that at the 'long blast' bit)
    2. The spray was the verbal uncouth kind

    3. ................. I find it hard to undo my zipper with big leather gloves on
  16. Not that I'm actually suggesting violence against cretins like that but ...
  17. Out of curiosity how many of you guys have after market air horns fitted to your bike? Seems to me that giving someone a toot that makes them think a trucks about to run them down, is not only a good way of getting their attention, but seeing the sudden fright of terror might be just what makes it all better? :) Or are the bike air horns not as loud as I am expecting?
  18. I would love it if I could put a truck horn on my bike. Really scare the SMIDSY's.
  19. I've only seen things such as the Stebel Nautilus Motorcycle Air Horn on the net - not in person - but if they are supposed to be as loud as their reputation - it could be worth while.