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Pushbike riders - do they annoy motorcyclists?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ceebee, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, recently we had the Tour Down Under here in S.A. In the 2 weeks leading up to it, we had to put up with all these fake cyclists wearing their tights and clogging up our roads just because they are inspired by the upcoming Tour....
    It made my blood boil that they get away with riding three abreast sometimes, because they aren't the professionals they aspire to be, and it was very inconsiderate of them to disregard other road users. I was tempted to go home (I was driving home from work) get on my bike and ride alongside these cyclists and kick them over for a laugh. Motorcyclists are not allowed to ride two abreast because cops can arrest us for "overtaking" on double lines, etc. So what's the difference between driving a car slowly at 25k in a 100k zone slowing down the traffic (which is an offense), and some cyclists riding three abreast and obstructing traffic in a similar way???? Councils now spend lots of money developing cycling paths off main roads, yet the cyclists are still clogging up the roads prior to Tour time....
    Also at the cafes on the weekends, they sit at the tables in their tights. My girlfriend and I are trying to eat our breakfast thanks! :cry:

  2. pushbike riders annoy ALL motorists, often deliberately
  3. Ride between them. Really makes 'em mad. ;)
  4. Enjoy it, you can pretend you live in Melbourne!

    Its like that here 7/365
  5. God it annoys me with all these racer wannabees riding their race bike lookalike bikes, wearing those silly leather suits with all those silly racing gloves and their little race boots. And because not all of them are as good as their ego's think, they end up crashing into things and stuff and causing all sorts of traffic delays. Only the other day, I was driving my car and saw them and it made my blood boil, I was so tempted to.....

    And at the weekend, they wear those silly leathers and sit at cafe tables, looking like the pretend wannabee racer they're aren't, taking up all the room and making me and my girlfriend puke. Gawds sake, we're trying to eat!

    Next time you're riding along, thinking for all the World you're a modern day gladiator, dressed up in all your finery, think about what the average car driver thinks of you. And then just live and let live.
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  6. Think you have missed the point....as a motorcyclist, it pays to wear the best protection you can afford to get. It's no laughing matter, motorcycle safety. Besides, I ride year round, weather pending. I ride because it is my passion, not for peer pressure. These cyclists annoy other road users because they succumb to peer pressure and pretend they have their own little Tour Down Unders on their way to a brunch at a cafe. There is a time and place for everything, and theirs is on the council developed bike paths. If they want to slow traffic down, they may as well introduce new laws stating that pushbikes must have number plates and registration. Why the hell not?
  7. Yep, its not like they spend all day thinking about how to piss off everyone else in the world.
    Theyre just trying to enjoy themselves like the rest of us.
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  8. No pushbike rider ever annoyed me half as much as some motorcyclists do with their posts on the subject of pushbike riders...
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  9. I crashed, and no not from speeding..... wish I was wearing my leathers at the time.

    Wannabe racer? no...... "Wanna keep my skin" more like (pity their so bloody hot)

    prolly shouldnt feed the trolls tho
  10. Personally, I feel more empathy with cyclists than drivers; they face many of the same problems motorcyclists do.
    3 abreast can be mildly annoying, as can beach road with parked cars, but it doesn't annoy me much; it's pretty easy to ride around (easier than for cars)
  11. :WStupid::WStupid::WStupid:
  12. I work in Docklands. What offends me is the amount of ill-fitting corporate lycra in that area.

    Just because you do have access to Pitcher Partners lycra cycling gear, doesn't mean you should wear it!
  13. And here we go again :roll:.

    BTW, I'm fairly confident that motorcyclists are allowed to ride two abreast under the Australian Road Rules. Though quite why you'd want to in anything other than a formal parade situation mystifies me. I don't want anyone taking up what might be useful survival space.
  14. I've never had any real trouble with cyclists, occasionally they might be somewhere that makes me change my position on the road... but that's not really a difficult thing for me to do. I find them much less annoying than cars/trucks/vans etc.
  15. You could say the same thing about those pesky joggers running through the park. They should go to an oval or sports field if they want to pretend to be Matt Shirvington.

    For the most part theyre not hurting anyone, and once a year your city gets a big injection of tourism and the money that comes with.
    You also have to put up with the negative side effects, but on the whole its a good thing.

    Perhaps if more people looked after their bodies like these guys do we wouldnt be headed down the path of the USA.

    I dont ride pushies, and they do occasionally get in the way when im in the car. But they have a right to be there, if you take that right away then i will never be able to take my kids for a ride to the shops on the road.
  16. I ride a pushbike as well as a motorbike...

    so no I don't annoy myself (well not that often anyway) :)
  17. 2 abreast with motorcycles was ok last i looked at the road rules? (nsw at least)

    In surburbia, most of the time the pushbikes are riding nearly as fast as the speed limit anyway so they arnt really a problem (cept the ones that run the red lights lols)

    In higher speed zones 3 abreast becomes more dangerous I guess, especially when meeting them in 80+ zones just after blind corners (and them doing about 20 up a big hill or somthing)

    Perhaps thats just natural selection at work tho, the riders with common sense play "follow the leader" after blind corners and the others that stay 3 abreast, perhaps thats just natural selection at work?
  18. I remain yet to be annoyed by cyclists....but I'm not that important.
  19. I think the problem with this thread is that half of the people commenting are thinking about wannabe peleton cyclists *50 and the other half are thinking of solo cyclists ..
  20. cyclists must obey the road rules when on public roads - if this means no 3 abreast so be it -- should something happen to them while doing this 3 abreast crap ( eg car tries to go past and clips one with say a wing mirror causing a fall and domino effect into other cyclists ) it is contributory negligence on their part.